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Summersville Saturday: Blocks 9 - 12

In an attempt to catch up with blogging about my embroidered Summersville squares without having one immensely longer than usual post, I'm blogging four blocks/squares a week in the order in which I embroidered them.  If you're interested, you can find out more about the project here.

Block nine:
Summersville square 9
Chain stitch for  the roof on the far right and the house, roof, chimney and smoke of the house fourth from the left; satin stitch for the orange windows (second from the right); cross stitches in some of the windows, whipped back stitch for the house third from the left; back stitch for everything else.

Block ten:
Summersville square 10
Seed stitch for the foliage and blossom on the tree, back stitch for everything else.

Block eleven:
Summersville square 11
Coral stitch for the walls, roof and base of the houses, colonial knots for the door handles, back stitch for everything else.

Block twelve:
Summersville square 12
Coral stitch for the walls and roof of the 'bay tree' cottage, satin stitch for the bay trees and pots, back stitch for everything else.

Alfie came to visit for an afternoon this week and was his usual co-operative self when it came to having his photo taken:
No, I won't say cheese...
...and it doesn't matter how close you get, I'm not going to look at the camera!

Whereas Archie knows what to do (and looks at you if you call his name - Alfie just continues to ignore you!):
I can't seem to see the treat in your'd better be there!  (It was!)
Thanks for popping in!  At the risk of repeating myself, you don't have long to link up your proposed finishes list to quarter one of the 2016 FAL - it closes in just under nine and a half hours, at 11pm EST/4am (tomorrow) GMT!

FAL 2016


  1. These blocks are amazing, I've never seen anything like this before. Alfie is beautiful, he looks so relaxed and comfortable, and of course precious Archie is always sooooo gosh darn adorable. Love that one ear - maybe he has a wee bit of "pointer" in his genes.


  2. I love the variety you are able to add to these blocks. Alfie is so laid back, Archie does look as if he's onto a winner in the treat line.

  3. I love the selection of architecture you are embroidering in each block, and wonder how you choose just which ones will get the special colourful "Helen treatment". It's so nifty what you are doing! What did you back your fabric with?

    Dear Archie . . always a sucker for a treat.
    I do like the look of that arm chair. I could move in, there!
    Did Archie and Alfie look for Santa at Christmas?

  4. I have to say, I think the backs are very nearly as gorgeous as the fronts. Archie has a wonderful flying ear, makes him look so alert and engaging!

  5. Archie and Alfie are beautiful dogs and I'm enjoying seeing your embroidery project growing four blocks at a time :)

  6. Love this idea. Looks really cool already.

  7. How cute is that stitching! Very sweet

  8. Oh my goodness, I love the Summersville blocks!! I love that fabric and what a cute idea for the embroidery.

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  10. Every time you show these different blocks I want to have a go myself. Love them.

  11. Your blocks are so much fun. What a wonderful concept for a quilt.


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