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Mini Archie's October Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Hello!  How is it the end of October?!  I mean, really, where does the time go?!  This month I have been very diligent: I finished the third and fourth  pairs of socks from my Made By Penguins  lucky dip.  Here they all are together: Another four LV blocks have been made: A pair of socks in double knitting yarn (very quick to knit   up) have been finished, albeit with a slight adjustment as this is all the yarn I had left after finishing knitting the second sock: I don't care how good you are at Kitchener stitch, that is not enough yarn to do it! (There was a grand total of 13" left from the fist ball - one length of 8" and one of 5") After doing a bit of pondering, I decided to pull back the final 'knit to the end of the third needle' round and the last needle of the previous round (so one whole round just not, technically, the same round!) and that left me with enough yarn to graft the toe closed: They don't m

FAL Finish: Socks! (Yes, Again!)

One of the advantages of having something very close to being done at the start of the quarter is that you can get an easy finish under your belt while you're still reeling from the length of your newest FAL list.  The previous pair of socks fell into that category, but these weren't quite as far along. They were quick to knit, though, because I kept having to knit until the next pop of colour and then the next and the next and the next and before I knew it, they were ready to have their toes grafted! At the start of the quarter, the socks (well, the sock - this is the first one) looked like this: And now they look like this: They're knitted with yarn from Made By Penguins  and I can wholeheartedly recommend Lisa-Lou's yarn.  And yes, the yellow is that bright!  As with the previous pair, I think there must be some UV reactive dye in them because the colours are even brighter in sunshine than they are in normal 'inside' daylight - I love standin

FAL Finish: Yes, You've Guessed It, Socks!!

I have three pairs of socks on my Q4 FAL list and this is the first of them to be finished. At the start of the quarter, they looked like this: And now they look like this: The yarn is from Made By Penguins and is absolutely gorgeous, both to knit with and look at. And yes, the socks really are that bright in real life!  I suspect they have a UV reactive dye in them because they glow in sunlight - Mam will have ReadyBrek Man feet this winter! This is item 12 from my Q4 FAL list  and I'll be linking it up when the time comes. Needless to say, Mini Archie isn't letting me rest on my laurels: I has mine beady eye on you... Thanks for popping in!  (Don't forget that next Thursday is Furtling Day !)

FAL Finish: Not Socks!!

I've managed to squeeze in a final finish this quarter and it's one which has been languishing on my FAL list since Q1 2015 - I think it had given up all hope of being finished, but I knew I'd get to it one day.  It is item two on my  Q3 FAL list  and I'm linking up with mere hours to spare! This is what it looked like at the start of the quarter (and the start of every quarter since Q1 2015!): The best photo I have of it - a blurry one.  What a surprise! The reason this made a reappearance on my FAL list (it was finished for the first time in Q2 2014 - here's the 'It's finished!' blog post from then ) is because the bobbin thread kept snapping.  Initially, I was going to re-quilt each line (one at a time so I could keep the binding on) with a heavier thread, but the thought really didn't appeal, which is why it has remained untouched for so long.  A couple of weeks ago, I got it out, had another think and decided that I could add