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Mini Archie's February Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Hello!  I hope you haven't been blown away or had the beck perilously close to your front door this month? It's definitely been a bit wild out there at times... ...and you'd think that would mean loads of sewing, wouldn't you?  Not exactly! I've made another three LV blocks: And I've made progress on my jeans: I've cut out the legs and a makeshift yoke and waistband and pocket linings in canvas, tacked them all together, and have had a fitting session with a friend.  I'm now ready to undo all that, cut out the remaining pieces in denim and make a start on the front.  All of the adjustments seem to be on the back, so I'm going to make up the front and then tack the back back on to see if things like having a zip in (rather than being pinned into them) make any difference before I make any of the adjustments.  A bit more work, yes, but worth it to get a pair of jeans which fit!  Having said all that, when I was in them the other