Monday, 31 January 2022

Mini Archie’s January Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something

Hello! This month I’ve made what feels like a giant leap towards finishing ET: I’ve finished the quilting! (Turns out that actually picking it up and doing some quilting makes quite the difference to how quickly you can hand quilt. See also: not allowing yourself to do any other sewing/knitting until said quilting is complete. Who knew?!)
Not only that, but I’ve trimmed it, cut and joined the binding strips and there’s just a short pressing session and then a longer machine sewing session standing between me and watching a film while sewing the binding to the back.

And as well as all that quilting, writing my Fettling List and sorting out the link up in case anyone else wants to join in, I’ve knitted a sock. Which I was absolutely allowed to start because I was between stages in the ET finishing (and none of those stages were sitting on the settee watching telly stages), I just won’t be allowed to touch it once ET is once again a settee project. 
Yarn is Regia Colourline 6814 Kornblume from the Sock Yarn Shop

Mini Archie has been keeping a close eye on me:
See how bare these branches is? That’s how bare I wants your Fettling List to be. Best get cracking.

Linking up to the January Furtle 

If you're linking up, please add a link (one per person, please) to your blog post, which could contain: a mosaic of all you've made in the month, something you've made/started/worked on, a goal which you'd like to achieve in the next month (and then in next month's post you can reflect on that goal and set yourself another one - I find this particularly handy if I'm in the midst of a big project and finding the making of hundreds of blocks to be interminable), anything crafty you'd like to share. This isn't just for sewing or quilting, but is for all crafts so if you knit, make lace, make clothes, do anything which could come under the heading of 'craft', then please link up. Please visit the link immediately before and after you and leave an encouraging comment, and more if you can manage it - we all know that comments create joy, so let's spread some around. Also, please treat all the linked posts and their authors with respect - I want this to be an inclusive space for all crafters and crafts and all are welcome. If you're not sure if you're welcome or you belong, you do - this is by no means a closed space and if you want to join, then you are most welcome. If you need help linking up, please leave a comment and I will do my best to help. Please add the Furtling button to your blog post: copy the code below and paste it into your blog post - it should then magically appear when you publish your blog post (I'll do my best to help if you have any problems) and it will help people find the Furtling page with all the details of the link up.

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To link up, go to the link at the bottom of this page and click on 'link up' (it's a blue button) and then add your link (website URL), a title (this could be your blog name but could also be something interesting to draw people to it (keep it clean!) if you prefer), and your email. This last one doesn't appear on the link (I will have access to it - I won't use it unless there's a problem and I need to contact you) so don't worry that you're about to share your email address with the world (or the handful of people who find this link), you're not! The link will remain open until 17th February; if you're seeing this post after this date, I'm afraid you can't link up to the January Furtle, but you can link next month if you like.

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Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Fettle Those Finishes: A Link Party

Hello, and welcome to Fettle Those Finishes!  

For those of you wondering what on earth 'fettle' means, it's one of those words which can mean different things. You can be in fine fettle (good health and feeling perky), you can fettle clay before firing (less of a dialect word, more of a technical one, that) and you can sort out/mend something or get it ready.  You might 'fettle that cupboard once and for all' (give it a good sort out), you might 'fettle the tension on that sewing machine' (fix it) or you might 'give it a fettle' (get it ready). For this, I'm using the 'sort out' definition as we're going to give our project list a good sort out and hopefully get some things crossed off. Flummoxed?  I do hope not!

As it doesn’t look as though the Finish Along is coming back any time soon, I thought I’d see if there was any interest in an informal and relaxed link up party to encourage us to finish some of the things (all of the things?!) on our lists (our long, long, oh-so-very-long lists) and make progress on others (and encourage each other while we do it), and here it is. This link up is for the year (unless, you know, we all race through our lists by the end of March *watches a pig fly overhead*) so I’ll leave it open until 17th February to give you chance to think about and assemble your list - it’s not something to rush into, is it?! 

The rules:

Be kind. Be encouraging. Be honest.* 

* Don’t put things on your list you’d finished before the year started, there’s no fun or honour in that. 

Your list can be as long or as short as you wish. Mine comprises a list (projects I’ve started, their status at the start of the year and the year they were started) and a waiting list (the things I’ve been meaning to start for years - blogger really wasn’t very obliging when it came to doing this bit of the list, which is somewhat of an understatement. I wonder if that’s a sign?!). The list is comprehensive and includes everything I’ve got under construction, the waiting list is not and it may change: some things may be removed, others added. It is not a list of everything I will make or intend to make this year (I fully intend to knit lots of socks but as they don’t tend to hang around unfinished, except as socks-in-waiting aka skeins/balls, they won’t make it onto the list), but yours can be if you wish. In short, it’s your list, compile and use it as you wish. 

There are no prizes, just the pride of whittling down your list to something which doesn’t keep you awake at night and the sense of achievement which comes from finishing something and crossing it off a list. And also the satisfaction which comes from making progress on something, whether it’ll be finished this year or not.

There’ll be a progress link up somewhere near the halfway point of the year, so in late June or, more likely, early July.

Now, who’s in? If you would like a button for your blog post, copy and paste the code below and paste it into your browser. The button should then magically appear, please shout if it doesn’t and I’ll see if I can help.  

<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><a href="" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" data-original-height="1777" data-original-width="1777" height="200" src="" width="200" /></a></div>

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