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Fettle Those Finishes: A Link Party

Hello, and welcome to Fettle Those Finishes!  

For those of you wondering what on earth 'fettle' means, it's one of those words which can mean different things. You can be in fine fettle (good health and feeling perky), you can fettle clay before firing (less of a dialect word, more of a technical one, that) and you can sort out/mend something or get it ready.  You might 'fettle that cupboard once and for all' (give it a good sort out), you might 'fettle the tension on that sewing machine' (fix it) or you might 'give it a fettle' (get it ready). For this, I'm using the 'sort out' definition as we're going to give our project list a good sort out and hopefully get some things crossed off. Flummoxed?  I do hope not!

As it doesn’t look as though the Finish Along is coming back any time soon, I thought I’d see if there was any interest in an informal and relaxed link up party to encourage us to finish some of the things (all of the things?!) on our lists (our long, long, oh-so-very-long lists) and make progress on others (and encourage each other while we do it), and here it is. This link up is for the year (unless, you know, we all race through our lists by the end of March *watches a pig fly overhead*) so I’ll leave it open until 17th February to give you chance to think about and assemble your list - it’s not something to rush into, is it?! 

The rules:

Be kind. Be encouraging. Be honest.* 

* Don’t put things on your list you’d finished before the year started, there’s no fun or honour in that. 

Your list can be as long or as short as you wish. Mine comprises a list (projects I’ve started, their status at the start of the year and the year they were started) and a waiting list (the things I’ve been meaning to start for years - blogger really wasn’t very obliging when it came to doing this bit of the list, which is somewhat of an understatement. I wonder if that’s a sign?!). The list is comprehensive and includes everything I’ve got under construction, the waiting list is not and it may change: some things may be removed, others added. It is not a list of everything I will make or intend to make this year (I fully intend to knit lots of socks but as they don’t tend to hang around unfinished, except as socks-in-waiting aka skeins/balls, they won’t make it onto the list), but yours can be if you wish. In short, it’s your list, compile and use it as you wish. 

There are no prizes, just the pride of whittling down your list to something which doesn’t keep you awake at night and the sense of achievement which comes from finishing something and crossing it off a list. And also the satisfaction which comes from making progress on something, whether it’ll be finished this year or not.

There’ll be a progress link up somewhere near the halfway point of the year, so in late June or, more likely, early July.

Now, who’s in? If you would like a button for your blog post, copy and paste the code below and paste it into your browser. The button should then magically appear, please shout if it doesn’t and I’ll see if I can help.  

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  1. Thank you so very much for this link-up. Hopefully some of our Furtling Friends will join us here too! I think of my list more as an inventory of all things possible! EHUGS to all the chums!

    1. You’re welcome! An inventory of possibilities sounds marvellous, I might start viewing mine like that, even if that does mean I edit it to add my sock yarn. And all the lengths of fabric I’ve bought to make tops/dresses. Hmmm…maybe not!

    2. Since Personal Mousistant, Millie came along with the Accounting Kinder Happy Hippo, they are keeping me honest. I will say that COPY & PASTE is my very best friend for these long lists!!!

    3. What did we do before copy and paste?! I’ve decided to keep my list to the things I’ve started to make life a little easier at update time. Good luck keeping Millie and Hippo happy!

    4. Helen, you list looks so full of possibilities. Love all those quilt tops you are working on!!!


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