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It's finished! (Alternative title: Hexy Heaven)

Yes, you read that right - my hexy quilt top is finished!  I actually finished it a week ago but haven't managed to blog about it until now!  I've had trouble getting photos of it because I can't find anywhere outside where I can hang it and take a photo.  Here's a photo of it outside, before the borders were added: Hexies on the fence but it's now too big and trails on the ground!  Once it's been layered and tacked (and so has a bit of weight to it and somewhere to put stones without hiding the hexies) I might try laying it on the front grass and leaning out of my sewing room window but it's a bit breezy today to try that with just a quilt top - it'd be off down the road before I got upstairs!  Right, that's enough chat, let's show you more photos!  (I copied Hadley and hung it in the conservatory - it's a good place to take photos and you don't risk dangling your pale quilt top in mud.)  It took 21 months and 12 days