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Leafing Around

I've had lots of fun with bee blocks this month!   Di asked for two 12" (finished) blocks and wanted one to be made from either a 12" or a 9" leaf and the other to be made from smaller leaves, with a creamy background.  Of course, I had to be different (some would say awkward), didn't I?!  I knew I would far prefer to make small leaves rather than one giant leaf and a couple of small leaves so I asked Di if she would mind me making several small leaves instead.  She very kindly agreed (and wondered, along with Nicky , just how small I would go), so I hopped straight to it and got busy choosing fabric whilst planning to see just how small a leaf I could manage and still have it square and with all the points intact. I started with a couple of 3" (finished) leaves to get me warmed up: I have no idea what either of these fabrics are (they're from the fabric fairy!) but the one on the right (yes, Hadley , the brown one!) is gorgeously soft and love