Saturday, 7 July 2012

Finally...a finish!!!

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, I really have finished something - my Summersville house is now a pincushion!

Before the big reveal I just want to say "thank you" to a few people as I've received more splendid post this week.  

I bought the fabric in the first photo (it doesn't belong in my 'thank you' mosaic but it filled a space!) - two fat quarters that I'm planning to add to the pile 
set aside for my ET phone home quilt.  The fabric is from Brighton Sewing Centre - it's the first time I've used this site and had fabulous service (and free UK postage on orders over £30) and would definitely shop there again.  They also sent a mini Moo compliment card with a couple of snippets of fabric they thought I might like (presumably based on my order) and they're right...I do.  I won't be ordering them but I think it's a good idea.

Item two is from Nicky - the hardware needed to make some key fobs (you can see some fine examples on Hadley's blog).  Apparently I need a hammer...I have a toffee hammer (not literally but that's what my dad calls it, I think it's a 4oz one - do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?!), I wonder if that'll be up to the job?  More importantly, I wonder if I'm up to the job as I'm not known for my ability with a hammer...(I'm not sure what I'm known for but a hammer definitely doesn't come into it!)  It's a pair of pliers I need, not a hammer - I think I stand more of a chance now.  At least I hope I do!  Thanks to Jan and Katy for setting me right!

Next up is the wonderful Zakka book I won in John@Quilt Dad's giveaway.  I can see why it's been so popular - it's stuffed with lovely things to make (or look at, depending on how motivated you are!).

I also won something else recently, this time from The Sewing Directory and today I received a bundle of five 'Katherine's Wheel' fat quarters from Nel Whatmore's new collection for Westminster Fabrics.  The fabrics are beautiful and feel absolutely gorgeous.  I haven't been able to bring myself to dismantle the triangle bundle yet, I'm still at the 'Is this really mine?  It's gorgeous!' phase of fabric ownership!

Sheila went on holiday recently and brought me back a lovely present - some absolutely gorgeous vintage-style text/label fabric, a really unusual notebook that's crying out for something special to be written (or sketched) in it and a bonny purse/tissue holder that's going in my handbag the moment the label is removed!  (Which is any minute now it's had its photo taken!)

My final thank you is to Nic who very kindly offered me lots of fabric that she had sorted through for her recent house (and job!) move.  As well as the fabrics in the photo (the blue and white fabrics are already petitioning for inclusion in Mam and Dad's blue and white quilt) I also choose some solid white and black cotton sheeting-weight fabric which will be really useful for quilt/cushion backs as well as for stabilising fabric during embroidery.

Thank you, one and all - I really appreciate your generosity!  As I've said before, there's nothing quite like a kindness of quilters!

Right, I think it's time for a reveal, don't you?!

Last time you saw my Summersville house it looked like this...

 And I've been working hard on it recently.  (Not really, I've just picked it up for a few minutes here and there!) I tried to remember to take a photo after each session (or two!) of embroidery...

Yes, despite being stabilised and stretched tightly in a hoop, it's a little distorted due to all the embroidery I've done but I knew that wouldn't matter for a pincushion...stuffing helps to straighten it/make it less obvious!

And now it looks like this...

Stitches used include satin and back stitch, long/short stitch and couching.  And a colonial knot for the door knob!

I love it!  I think that Summersville and Pezzy go really well together and my charm pack from Lucy is perfect for projects like this.  Don't worry though, pins will only be permitted in the Pezzy Print border - if they go anywhere near the embroidery they'll be thrown back in the pin tin that lives by my sewing machine!

I'm now going to make a coordinating thread catcher - I've chosen a section of 'Town' that has three terraced houses, a detached house and a tree on it...I may be some time!!  Goodness knows how long the cushion (or two) that I've got planned is going to take me!  And I'm already eyeing up a little house from 'Avenue' for a mini pincushion (to put in general sewing kit).   At this rate my pieces of Summersville are  going to look like the quadrilateral moths have been at them! 

Archie had a busy day yesterday and now looks like he's had a run-in with a lawnmower.  Or perhaps the shepherd from the Specsavers advert!  (If you haven't a clue what I'm talking about go and take a look - you won't regret it!)

Do you mind not pointing out my humiliation to all and sundry?

Look at the clip of that!!!

He had to have an ultrasound on his liver (and a bile acid test) to see how his liver is faring so he spent the day at the vet.  I don't think he slept a wink all day (too much to see!) as he was snoring by 7pm last night.  He didn't have a sedative (how on earth did they get him to lie still enough to shave his tummy and do an ultrasound on him - hypnosis?!) but he was definitely more tired than usual.  I won't get the results for a fortnight or so though as they have to go away to a lab - please keep your fingers crossed!

He still looks handsome though, even with a ridiculous 'I had an argument with a pair of clippers and they won' tummy...

I still have my dignity...and my fans!

And he's the same old Archie...

Did you just open the fridge?  You did, didn't you?!
I know she went in the fridge.  I bet she got the cheese out...I didn't get any...again!

I'm off to pull some paper off the back of some fairly small foundation piecing - I think I'm going to need a pin to get to some pieces!  It's a good job I didn't hoover today!!



I forgot to mention that Lynne is hosting an(other!) amazing giveaway - you won't want to miss it!  Really you won't so get yourself over there and enter!  After you've left me a comment, naturally!

Edited to add: I'm in the middle of faffing with my blog layout/templates - I'm waiting to take some good (outdoor) photos of Archie and some quilts for the header but what do you think so far?
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