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Mini Archie's July Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Hello! I have no idea where the months keep going - I thought that writing a blog post at the end of each month would mean that I was more aware of the days/weeks passing, but each month I suddenly realise it's almost the last day of the month and Furtle Day has once again crept up on me. How does it do that?!  Although I can't say that last week passed particularly quickly - all that heat and sun isn't conducive to a pleasant life when you're ginger (well, 'strawberry blonde') with fair freckly skin and an absolute horror of being too warm or getting sunburnt... I have, however, managed quite a bit of hand piecing this month, mainly because I abandoned sock knitting (I tend to veer between the two but never manage to do both in the same day, for some reason) to give my shoulder and wrists a break.  Up until the end of April, I made an LV scrappy trip block a month and realised that if I could carry on at that rate, I would have made all the blocks by the