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Mini Archie's September Furtle Around The Blogosphere 17th

September has been a hand piecing month, combined with a spot of box packing and moving.  I've made three more scrappy trip blocks: And I've emptied half of the sewing room and all of the Cupboard Of Doom ready for its removal on Saturday (or perhaps before if the chaps are free). It will hopefully be rebuilt in a different, less doomy, form the following weekend but given that there's no plan drawn up (because until we see how much room the stair bulkhead takes up, we don't know how much room can be reclaimed into the room and how much needs to stay as cupboard), I'm feeling a little dubious about that.  The only thing I need to do before they arrive is cover everything left in there in dust sheets.  Well, fleece blankets as that's all I have - there are quite a few which were Archie's up in the loft so I'd best get up there. And that's it for me! I'm off to write the Fettle Those Finishes! post for tomorrow - I decided it would be easier to hav