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Summersville Sunday: Blocks 47 - 49 (The Final Three!)

Welcome to my final Summersville catch-up post!  It's been a while since I posted one of these so if you need a refresher about the blocks then you can  find the other posts in the series here:  blocks 1 - 4 ;  blocks 5 - 8 ;  blocks 9 - 12 ;  blocks 13 - 16 ;  blocks 17 - 20 ;  blocks 21- 24 ;  blocks 25 - 28 ;  blocks 29 - 32 ;  blocks 33 - 36 ;  blocks 37 - 41 ; blocks 42 - 46 .  I've also started a page for the Summersville block stories and intend to go back and add in the stories for the earlier blocks (when I didn't bother sharing the stories behind the blocks, partly because the posts were supposed to be short and simple.  I should have known I couldn't keep that up for long!) and I'll try to remember to let you know when new stories have been added. You probably won't remember, but back in the first of these posts I mentioned that the final three of these blocks hadn't been without their problems: I cut 48 squares of Summersville, 24 each of 

2016 FAL Q1 Winners!

Today we're announcing the winners of the prizes from the  First Quarter of the FAL . Those of us who are lucky enough to be hosts this year have been inspired by all the finishes of the first quarter - a record breaking 838!! If you are low on inspiration or your sewing fairy has gone on a lengthy holiday, then we highly recommend you visit some of the  finishes from Q1 . Rhonda is going to email all of the winners over the weekend, unless you  email her  first after reading this.  She will need to hear back from the winners by Friday 23rd April so she can arrange to get your prize to you.   If she does not hear from you by then, she will pick an alternate - please don't miss out on your prize for the sake of an email! Without further ado, the winners (each picked by the  random number generator ) of the Q1 FAL prizes, which are provided by our generous sponsors (thank you!), are: The winner of the  Oakshott Fabric  gift voucher goes to  Sewgrateful Quilts