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Handsome in...yellow!

One of the (many) items on my Q3 FAL list was a new collar for Archie: Back in the middle of May, when Mam was getting ready to bring Eddie to live with her, Archie started to feel a bit left out and wondered whether he could have a new collar.  As you can see in the photo below, he requested a yellow one. I think yellow might be my colour.  I mean, I know I suit blue, but I fancy a change to welcome in the summer.  And our new friend, of course.  I decided (as you do) that I would make one because you don't get many yellow collars in pet shops. I'd seen photos of Tina 's dog wearing handmade collars and got in touch with her.  She owns and runs Tikki London and she a pdf pattern for a dog collar (or cats, I suppose, if you're that way out) as well as all the hardware for them.  I also bought quarter of a metre of heavy weight interfacing for the inside, as recommended in the pattern. It didn't take long to make the collar (I don't have any pr

End Of Quarter Three: Link Up Your Finishes!

I really don't know how it's happened, but it's suddenly the end of quarter three and it's time to link up your finishes for this quarter.  (And, as usual, I'm way behind in blogging about mine and am going to have to sprint to catch up with myself! As you know, the 2016 FAL has a global community of host bloggers and they are: Debbie - A Quilter's Table - USA Jess - Elven Garden Quilts - Australia Stacey - SLO Studio - Canada Jennie - Clover & Violet - USA Helen - Archie the Wonder Dog - UK Nicky - Mrs. Sew and Sow -UK Cindy - Fluffy Sheep Quilting - Ireland Rhonda - Rhonda's Ramblings - USA Leanne - She Can Quilt - Canada Before we get to the rules and link up, let's give a huge thank you to our fantastic sponsors: Fluffy Sheep Quilting - â�¬25 (25 Euro) gift certificate Clover & Violet LLC - choice of 3 patterns On the Windy Side, pattern pack The

Kate Dress: A Wearable Toile

Hello!  Oh, the shame of neglecting my blog for so long!!  Still, I'm here now and ready to blame both the FAL and the garden for my absence. I started the quarter like an ageing, arthritic greyhound: straight out of the trap and full of enthusiasm, built up a little speed and then stopped for a long sniff and a nap about halfway through. This, combined with being busy in the garden, meant I just haven't had the energy to blog.  I have finished some things from my quarter three FAL list , though! I'm going to blog them in the order they were finished, so if you could just pretend that it's mid July, then I'd be ever so grateful! My Kate dress looked like this when I wrote my Q3 list : which meant it was (machine) tacked together to check the fit.  I'd added 1" to the armscye when tracing it and discovered that I needed to take 1/4" back out and then raise the bust dart by 1/2", which I then did on the pattern and then the fabric: Mak