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Mini Archie's May Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Hello!  I feel time may have just about returned to normal in May, it seems to have been about the right length?  Maybe a little longer than usual?  I mean obviously, the end of the month comes round quickly (or rather the day before the end of the month, which is when I generally write and schedule this post), but that's perfectly normal unless, of course, what the end of the month signifies is your pay packet arriving.  In that case, the end of the month arrives incredibly slowly because that's the rule. I think that's enough of my tenuous grasp of the concept of time, let's see what I've done in May. First up, I've finished the thirty-second LV scrappy trip block: And I was getting low on LV squares so I've spent quite a while printing (using quilt stamps ) and cutting out about twelve squares from each of the LV fabrics I've bought/been sent since I first cut out all the squares: And I've got all four narrow border s