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Summersville Stories

Click on the block number/title to go to the story for that block.

Block 3: The Rainbow Flats

Block 4: The Austere Library

Block 5: The Shops Join In

Block 6: The Village Where The Teacher Lives

Block 7: The Not-Drab-Anymore Village

Block 8: The Catchment Area

Block 9: Rainbow Row

Block 10: The Triplets

Block 11: The Brothers

Block 12: The Conservation Area

Block 13: The Delivery Lorry

Block 14: The Squabblers

Block 15: The Traffic Light I

Block 16: The Traffic Light II

Block 17: The Vintage John Deere Tractor

Block 18: The Married Neighbours

Block 19: The Climbing Tree

Block 20: The Colour Swappers

Block 21: The House In The Woods

Block 22: The Single-Coloured Houses

Block 23: The Conservation Area Copiers

Block 24: The Stripy Roof Gang

Block 25: The Pastel Roof Gang

Block 26: The Copycats

Block 27: The Co-ordinated Shoppers

Block 28: Paint The Whole World With A(n almost) Rainbow!

Block 29: The Raffle Ticket Crew