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Guess where I am today?

You're right, it could be anywhere so I'll tell you... Head over to Cindy's blog to read my version of The Name Game (don't forget to come back!) and welcome to anyone who has followed the link on Cindy's post and has popped over to see me - I hope you enjoy your visit!  I was thrilled when Cindy asked me to take part in this feature and I'd like to say a big thank you to her for asking me! In my last post I showed you the cushion I'd received in the Brit Quilt Swap Pillow Fight but I realised later that night that I'd forgotten to tell you who my cushion was for!  It was such a relief when Trudi emailed me to say she loved it - visit her blog to see the fabulous cushion she made and see some more photos of the cushion I made.  Trudi, it was an honour to have you as a partner and I'm thrilled you like what I made! Last Thursday my run of good luck continued when I opened my email inbox to find an email entitled 'YOU WON!!!!!!!

More lovely things!

Me again!  I told you I'd be back if anything else exciting happened! On Wednesday I came back after lunch out (if I eat it out it's lunch, if I eat it at home or at Mum and Dad's it's dinner - is anyone else the same?!) to find a parcel on the door mat containing these beauties Susan made lots of lovely things for a recent craft stall and she kindly sent me some of the spare ones (and my first Christmas card of the year!) and in return I am going to make her an unspecified something to be sent on an unspecified date...hopefully before the year is out!  Thank you, Susan , I'm afraid the photo doesn't do justice to just how beautiful they are!! And yesterday morning (well, almost this afternoon if truth be told!) I set off for an Archie walk (after leaving my usual note to the postie stuck to the letter box 'Please leave parcel behind the gate - thank you!' in case she arrived whilst I was out) and what did I see but the Royal Mail van parked a

A finish plus some lovely things!

I'm having a great week and it's only Monday!   (I think it's going to be another long post!) This morning I met my friend's baby for the first time (this is the baby that I made the crocheted blanket and squares quilt for and which they use a lot which is always lovely to hear!) - she's such an adorable baby and quite happy to be held by (and dribble over!) a complete stranger.  I'm seeing them again on Wednesday, I hope she's as happy to be out and about as she was today! Then I visited the Post Office to post my Pillow Fight cushion.  I put the final stitch in the label at about half past two yesterday afternoon and went straight upstairs to put the pad in and take some photos.  Before I share the 'ta da!' photo I'm going to tease you with some in-progress photos!  (Hope you don't mind seeing some of them for the second time on here!) My colour inspiration (as well, of course, as my partner's likes and dislikes!) The fabri

A quick update! (Well, as quick as it gets on ATWD!)

  First though, the wonderful Lynne has another fabulous giveaway over at her blog - this time you could be the lucky person who wins two (yes, two!) bounty boxes of Kona solids.  For those of you unfamiliar with these boxes each one holds 100 different Kona fat quarters.  Now I don't know about you but I could definitely make room in my sewing room for these!  Actually, if I win I may sleep with them for the first few nights.    Shamelessly pinched from Lynne's blog! If you haven't already entered get yourself over there now.  Well, you can stay for the rest of the post but you must promise to go straight to Lynne's after you've left a lovely comment!  And before I forget you have four days left to take advantage of the 11% off orders over £11 over at Simply Solids - I got my order(s!) yesterday... The only thing better than interesting post is interesting pink post!! The fat one on top contains the medium grey for my DP quilt but as for

Lots to catch up on (but not much stitching going on!) and a wonderful surprise!

It's been a while since I last posted (about ten days I think) and I hope you've all been well?  I've been really tired (and busy quilting my cushion) so I decided to wait until I felt a little better and I'd done something I could show you!  I think I've been tired from all the Archie walking I've done in the last few weeks.  Normally my dad walks Archie on an evening for me but because he wasn't allowed out for long I've been walking him twice a day and it's been too much for me.  The good news is that now Archie can tolerate a 'normal' walk on the lead my dad can walk him when he walks Alfie when he gets in from work which we all enjoy - Archie is always thrilled to see my dad (as am I but I don't jump up and down and sing!).  Also, Archie is now allowed off the lead for an increasing distance every day.  He's really enjoying being off the lead and has broken into a gentle run on a couple of occasions when he thought there was a