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Guess where I am today?

You're right, it could be anywhere so I'll tell you...

Head over to Cindy's blog to read my version of The Name Game (don't forget to come back!) and welcome to anyone who has followed the link on Cindy's post and has popped over to see me - I hope you enjoy your visit!  I was thrilled when Cindy asked me to take part in this feature and I'd like to say a big thank you to her for asking me!

In my last post I showed you the cushion I'd received in the Brit Quilt Swap Pillow Fight but I realised later that night that I'd forgotten to tell you who my cushion was for!  It was such a relief when Trudi emailed me to say she loved it - visit her blog to see the fabulous cushion she made and see some more photos of the cushion I made.  Trudi, it was an honour to have you as a partner and I'm thrilled you like what I made!

Last Thursday my run of good luck continued when I opened my email inbox to find an email entitled 'YOU WON!!!!!!!!!' from the lovely Kristyne.  Can you believe it (I can't!) - I've won her wonderful giveaway!  (I've been waiting for permission from Kristyne and Gigi to use the photos from the giveaway before I shared this!)

Want to see what I've won?  (I still can't believe it!)  I'm the proud owner (or I will be when they arrive all the way from California!) of this pincushion and pin topper set, made by the amazingly talented Gig@Pinks and Needles (visit her blog to see lots of lovely things and then visit her Etsy shop and have fun choosing an early Christmas present for yourself!)

Photo taken (with permission) from Kristyne's blog - credit Gigi@Pinks and Needles

And a close up of that beautiful rose - I can't imagine how she made something so detailed and so tiny, maybe magical folk visit her at night!

Photo taken (with permission) from Kristyne's blog - credit Gigi@Pinks and Needles


Aren't they wonderful?!!  If you haven't visited Kristyne's blog before then you're missing a treat - pop over and enjoy all the fabulous things that she makes, don't forget to tell her how fabulous she is!  I'll show them off when they arrive - more postie stalking, how wonderful!


I'm afraid I don't have any stitching that I can share - all my sewing time is being spent on a project I don't want to share until it's finished (sorry!) but so that anyone visiting from Cindy's blog don't think 'Is this really a blog about quilting?!' I thought I'd share a quilt I made for my mam and dad which was finished in about March this year (before I started my blog).  It's a king size quilt (about 108"x115") and is machine pieced and hand quilted - Dad emptied their front room of everything but the telly before they went on holiday so I would have somewhere to lay it flat and tack the layers!  

The quilting took months but I think it was worth it!

Mam saw the centre panel in the window of our LQS, fell in love with it and asked me to design a quilt around it.  I decided that two panels would look better than one and I added a cream frame between them and the rest of the quilt as I wanted the panels to be a feature and then the rest of the quilt to complement them rather than distract the eye!  Sorry about the poor photos - it's difficult to photograph such a big quilt without getting the ladder out!


I promised I'd share some photos of Archie trying to get at the treat Fiona sent him and possibly some video of him eating it...


I don't really care what the note says - I want that treat!

If I get hold of the wrapping....

...and pull I might get it!

I think I'll take this to my favourite place and see if I have any more luck

This isn't getting any easier...

It took me a while to switch the camera to the 'motion picture' setting and work out how to get it to record so I missed him scoffing most of the treat but here's the tail end of it!  It's a little rough in places (the support for the breakfast bar - fabulous for cutting fabric! - was in the way and I had to dodge round it!) but I hope that Archie will make up for that!

I must apologise for being way behind in my blog reading - at the moment I have 99 new items 45 new items (I read quite a few last night after drafting this post!) in my reader...maybe you could all stop blogging for a few days so I can catch up?  No, thought not!  I'll get there in the end but my comments may be short or non-existent until I catch up!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Your Mum and Dad's quilt is gorgeous! I can't believe you hand quilted something that Couldn't stop laughing at Archie in the video, he was making sure he got every last little bit! x

  2. You did a great job hand quilting it...the quilt is beautiful

  3. What a stunner of a quilt for your parents! I'm sure they were over the moon with it! Beautiful! Congrats on more wins and mentions! You're getting around girl! Jxo

  4. Clever mum to spot the panel and clever Helen to make such a beautiful quilt and clever Archie for getting every last bit of that treat - he is even cuter in motion!

  5. Helen, thanks for playing! I love your quilting and Archie, and of course I'm so happy we're friends!

  6. So fun to read about how you got the name for your blog!

  7. I love your pin topper - what amazing little works of art! I've never seen one before but now I'm very tempted to try to make some! And the quilt you made your Mum and Dad is brilliant. You really are very talented. Finally, lovely to see Archie in action. I'm glad he didn't eat the bag! Sorry finally, finally - I'm off to see how you got your name :)

  8. I cannot imagine making a quilt that big, never alone hand quilting it - brilliant, and bonkers, like Archie!

  9. Yeah for you and the Name Game! That quilt is huge, beautiful, amazingly well quilted and you are way braver than me. And finally, go Archie, get that treat and enjoy it!

  10. Love your mum & dad's quilt, it is beautiful and I love the video, such fun to see and hear the boy!

  11. That was a great post on the Name Game! As always, super cute photos of Archie!

  12. That is such a beautiful quilt that you made for your Mum and Dad.
    Your post sent me off on a tour ;)
    Loved your article on The name game :) and those pictures of Archie trying to get his treat are oh so cute!
    What a wonderful little pin shop! I've bookmarked it for later use.
    hugs Ellyx

  13. Full of useful information...I love your!
    Cant believe your run of luck and am in awe of your hand quilting and clever video.

  14. This quilt is such an great example of what you can do with a panel! It's lovely! And, oh my, Archie is even cuter in motion pic!!!!

  15. I just love the quilt you made for your parents! Just shows we must not dismiss panels! What a creative start to a great quilt!

    And a very sweet pincushion too. Hope it arrives soon!

  16. Lovely quilt for your folks! Just happened upon your blog and your dog is so cute--what personality! Enjoyed looking at your quilting projects which are very lovely.
    best from Tunisia,

  17. The quilt is amazing and your dog is the sweetest thing ever!

  18. Gorgeous quilt, would look better on my bed though lol
    Archie is a star....I must get a pic off my phone of Slip the moment I put all her tennis balls and soft toys in the washer!!!

  19. Hi! What amazing quilt! It's really beautiful! Thank you Archie for great photos! I hope you enjoyed your goodie!
    xxx Teje & Nero

  20. haha - good to see archie looking so well - love that quilt you made - and lucky you receiving those deco's from susan (your last post)

  21. What a beautiful quilt - an amazing achievement! I am so hopelessly behind with replying to my emails and visiting blogs that I don't think that I will ever catch up1

    Pomona x

  22. That quilt is gorgeous! Archie looks like he is such a sweetie!

  23. That quilt is amazing! So much work, but so beautiful.


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