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A quick update! (Well, as quick as it gets on ATWD!)

Christmas Gifts for Quilters

First though, the wonderful Lynne has another fabulous giveaway over at her blog - this time you could be the lucky person who wins two (yes, two!) bounty boxes of Kona solids.  For those of you unfamiliar with these boxes each one holds 100 different Kona fat quarters.  Now I don't know about you but I could definitely make room in my sewing room for these!  Actually, if I win I may sleep with them for the first few nights.


Shamelessly pinched from Lynne's blog!
If you haven't already entered get yourself over there now.  Well, you can stay for the rest of the post but you must promise to go straight to Lynne's after you've left a lovely comment! 

And before I forget you have four days left to take advantage of the 11% off orders over £11 over at Simply Solids - I got my order(s!) yesterday...

The only thing better than interesting post is interesting pink post!!
The fat one on top contains the medium grey for my DP quilt but as for the little one underneath...patience is a virtue!  Let's just say I've got a bit of thinking and a bit of stitching to do before I can reveal any more...

Another excitement this week is the release of Kerry's latest pattern

Lifted from Kerry's blog - I hope she doesn't mind!
If you're looking for a lovely handmade present for a loved one this Christmas then one of these with some lovely sweets in would be a wonderful idea!  Go to Kerry's shop to buy it!

I've finished the quilting on my Pillow Fight cushion and I'm just stitching down the binding on the back - I'm not going to show you a photo of the cushion until I can share it in all its finished glory (?!) but to keep you going here's a (doctored!) photo of the label (which now attached to some freezer paper ready for a little bit of applique)

Sorry, I can neither confirm nor deny that the name of my partner fits exactly under that oblong!

And as I've spent all afternoon stitching it and, if I'm honest, quite a lot of time this morning trying to use the alphabet on a friend's posh sewing machine (I couldn't fit everything I wanted on a relatively small label) and then trying to FME them (couldn't get them small enough to fit but big enough to be legible!) I'm going to share the back as I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out *grin*

The whole label (including 1/4" seam allowance) is 3.125" x 2.5"
I just hope my partner doesn't mind that I haven't put my 'real' name on it - no room!!

Archie and I had a photo taking session a couple of days ago, trying to get a photo of him and his bone quilt to add to the header and after a few photos (about 18!) we got these...

Cute (those ears get me every time!) but washed out...
Something about his posture reminds me of a bloke propping up the bar!
Eager and attentive - that's the Archie we know and love!

What do you think?  Does either of the last two show Sheila's work to its best or shall I try again another day?

I hope you've all had a lovely week and have a fabulous weekend planned?  I'm going to the Festive Regional Day for the Quilters' Guild of The British Isles (shhh, don't tell anyone but I'm not a member, I'm going to assist a friend with her mini workshop!) which means a very early start - maybe I should have my tea and go straight to bed?!  I'll tell you all about it in my next post - the speaker is Jonathan MacPherson from Barnyarns and I'm hoping to be able to hear his talk and maybe learn lots about threads.  Note to self - take a notepad and pencil!

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S.  Archie is now off the lead for most of his walk with me and about two-thirds of his walk with Dad - who's a clever dog?!


  1. ROFL.. he does look like he is propping the bar up!! His quilt is lovely, it looks really good on the wall. Have a good day tomorrow. x

  2. thanks for that heads up on the Kona Cotton give away. I had not seen that blog before and I'm now a follower.

  3. Great job on the label - mine was done on the machine and isn't anywhere near as neat!

    Archie is adorable as ever! Good luck on your day out!

  4. Cute label! Archie look gorgeous but I'd try again for a clearer picture maybe. Lucky you going to the festive day!! I get the Barnyarn emails and Jonathan is hilarious, I love how much he knows about thread and always learn something. It's one of the only email subscription thingys I look forward to! I'm sure you'll learn lots, have fun!

  5. Ah, parcels in the mail. If only we could get them every day. I'm expecting a fabric order from the US, so every day this week I've been hoping to find it waiting when I get home. Looks like the parcel faeries visited you instead :)

  6. Too many things to say so have a great time at the festival and Archie is a natural poser. Love the bone quilt!

  7. Have fun!
    I love the middle pic best x

  8. I like the 'propping up the bar' pic. It reminds me of the bit in Winnie the Pooh where it says he lived in a tree in Hundred Acre Wood 'under the name of Sanders'! Your label looks great. Have a good time at the Fstive Day :)

  9. Archie Archie... I am totally desolate that you have advertised Lily's Quilts giveaway... there are now 1220 desperate Kona lovers comments. You and I will never win!
    That back of your Pillow Fight label is written in Japanese.. are you bilingual you clever puppy?

    Can I have 400 signed copies of your 3rd photo please. You look to be in "Command" of your space in Number3.

    Hope you have a good snooze/ or find the biscuit tin while Helen is off enjoying herself at FRD.

  10. Wow -- what a fantastic giveaway! Nice to dream about at least! :-)

    Love the second photo of Archie and his quilt. It made me grin the second I saw it!

  11. Archie looks great in all the pictures but the last one shows Sheila's handy work to best view.
    Great label!
    I hope you have a wonderful time at the festival :) Ellyx

  12. You didnt ask for it but I think the first of those 3 pics is the best: although some of the quilt is covered it's best in focus! And Archie is just super cute with his floppy ear ;-)

  13. I haven't seen Archie's quilt before - LOVE it! You could always do a photo of just the quilt and include it in the mosaic next to a good pic of Archie?

    Looking forward to seeing the pillow!

  14. Oh what a great job on your quilt!
    Archie cracks me up!

  15. Hi! Archie is so beautiful and sweet in every photo!
    Thank you for sharing that amazing giveaway...I hope it's stil open!
    xxx Teje


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