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More lovely things!

Me again!  I told you I'd be back if anything else exciting happened!

On Wednesday I came back after lunch out (if I eat it out it's lunch, if I eat it at home or at Mum and Dad's it's dinner - is anyone else the same?!) to find a parcel on the door mat containing these beauties

Susan made lots of lovely things for a recent craft stall and she kindly sent me some of the spare ones (and my first Christmas card of the year!) and in return I am going to make her an unspecified something to be sent on an unspecified date...hopefully before the year is out!  Thank you, Susan, I'm afraid the photo doesn't do justice to just how beautiful they are!!

And yesterday morning (well, almost this afternoon if truth be told!) I set off for an Archie walk (after leaving my usual note to the postie stuck to the letter box 'Please leave parcel behind the gate - thank you!' in case she arrived whilst I was out) and what did I see but the Royal Mail van parked at the top of the street and the two posties sorting out their trolleys!  So, like any sensible blogger waiting for her Pillow Fight parcel I walked up the street to see if they had anything for me and they did!  Two parcels!  Now, given that Archie was expecting his walk I had to drop the parcels in the back door and turn straight back round and go for a walk!  Wasn't I restrained?!

Spot Archie's giant bottle of medicine in the background!

When I got home I decided to open the parcel from Fiona first - yes, my lovely cushion cover (made for the Fat Quarterly design challenge in edition seven) had arrived!

Look what I got!  Isn't it fabulous?!!

Let me tell you that my photo does not do justice to this gorgeous cushion cover - every time I love at it I see another lovely piece of fabric and I'm thrilled that it's mine!  I've spent a lot of time admiring it!  Now, I'm not good at recognising famous fabrics (I'm the same with famous people) so if you spot any you know just shout!  Fiona also sent me a lovely piece of green fabric (sorry, no idea what it is but I love it!)   And she also remembered the most important person in this house...

(Giles- it says 'To Archie, My mum told me I was to share my Dentastix with you.  I'm not happy about it but hope you like it, love Ava'  - I hope that works!)

I've taken some photos of Archie trying to get into the bag and also a short video of him eating the treat (or the remains of it, I was too slow setting the camera to 'motion picture' and working out how to start recording to get all of it!) but I'll save those for another day!  I'm going to edit it a little first (if I can work out how to!) so it may be a few days before I post it!

Now, do you want to see what was in the other parcel?!

As soon as I opened the box and saw this corner peeking out I squealed as it was the cushion I had been longing for!

I can't believe it - it's mine!  (Actual quote!)


I'm sooooo happy!
Thank you so much, Kelly (I don't think Kelly has a blog but here is her Flickr stream please visit her and leave lovely comments on her photos!).  From the moment Kelly posted her design and then the bundle of fabrics she was going to use I was absolutely smitten!  Honestly, I kept admiring it and I told Nicky how much I loved it but I never dreamt I would be lucky enough to have it on my settee!  I'm still pinching myself and I think I may have to leave Archie on guard duty for a few nights in case anyone tries to sneak through the letter box!  (I'm naming no know who you are!)

And, in a stroke of serendipity...look at the two cushions together (Fiona's looks a little flat as haven't got a cushion pad large enough - I'm shopping at the weekend so I'll get one and it can put on some weight!)

Don't they look lovely together!
Spot the same dotty fabric - it's like they were meant to be together! I spent a lot of yesterday evening admiring them and when I came downstairs this morning I checked they hadn't disappeared overnight!

And just in case luck really was being a lady (spot the musical theatre lover!) I went to the local shop on my morning Archie walk and bought a scratch card...after all the cushion and pin topper excitement abated slightly I scratched off the panel.  And won £3!  Now, I know it's not a fortune but it's enough to buy me a scone and a pot of tea when I go shopping!  (But only if I don't take off my £1 stake!)

Now, although I said I'd save the photos and video of Archie for another day I'll show you one to keep you going (honestly, it really doesn't feel right to not have at least one photo of him in each post!)

Did someone mention a biscuit?!
I'm collecting photos of Archie and his bed and one of these days (or nights) I'm going to sit with the camera at the ready so I can film what he does with his's a peek at the results...

Almost as snug as a bug in a rug!
 And what sometimes happens when you forget to take off your quilt when you get out of bed...

I wasn't sure you'd believe that there was a dog under there!

...because there's either food on offer or someone at the door!

Licking out pots - one of my favourite activities!

Oh, and just before I go...Sarah over at Pings and Needles (a blog well worth a visit if you haven't been before!) is holding a giveaway for a Go! Baby and three dies.  If you're one of the few who haven't yet won one then pop over and enter!

 I hope everyone is having as good a week as I am!!  Here's to marvellous happenings for us all!


  1. Aw, I am glad you like them. Glorious cushion haul for you though. Love both of them and they do look good together. They will make you smile every time you walk into the room.

  2. Your cushions are amazing and they do go together - not only the dotty fabric but the pale blue as well! Lovely Susan ornaments and of course gorgeous Archie - happy he got some treats too! A pot of tea and a scone for 3 quid sounds great!

  3. Yey! You have some susieQ originals! There's a whole lot of awesome loot in this post. I am tres jealous!

  4. Blimey. Scones and pots of tea are good value round your way.
    Fab goodies.

  5. Thanks for the lovely mention! The other cushion rocks! as do the tree decs.

  6. What a lovely collection of things. How amazing that your cushions co-ordinate! Enjoy you tea and scone :)

  7. Looks like Christmas has come early this year! All your goodies are lovely. Our Sam sleeps like that! I have made him his own sleeping bag...he sleeps inside it LOL...aren't they funny. Oh and congrats on your pin toppers, really jealous of that win!!! xx

  8. Oooh what a lot of lovelies you've had! I was gutted for Susan when her sale didn't go so well. I LOVE the crochet snowflakes she did. Makes me wish I could crochet - or live nearer her so I could have gone along to the craft fair and bought some!

  9. Lucky you, they are both gorgeous cushions. You asked about famous fabrics, i-spy some Hope Valley by Denise Schmidt - pink one third in from bottom right and orange one fourth up from right side.

  10. Your reaction to your swap cushions was exactly like mine - they are so lovely. You have indeed had a super week.

  11. Yay! Glad it arrived safely and you like the cushion, and more importantly that Archieennjoyed his Dentastix :)
    I love how your other gorgeous cushion matches!
    Lovely decoration from Susan too !

  12. That's a great stack of goodies! I can see why you were hoping for Kelly's cushion, it's beautiful!
    Those photos of Archie are great. The one with him carrying around his bedding makes me think that he's too cold to get up, but wants his breakfast anyway :)

  13. Taz puppy likes his quilt ... or should I say our quilt! He sleeps on the bed, and on most days a Maggie cat will be found curled on my other side!

    Taz also says he'll send Archie his denti bits. He is able to identify and carefully avoid eating them no matter how well hidden amongst the other food!

    It's funny, I never have any idea what fabrics I have. I've not seen a shop that has a clear grouping of different designer's collections, so to me it's all random and I just pick what I like the sound of!!

    I like the sound of your cushions too! I sent a cushion as a present for my 2-year old niece and Royal Mail seems to have lost (or stolen!) it... it was posted mid-September :(

  14. Yay lucky lady! Those are great cushions and what a happy coincidence that they share the same dottiness!! :)

  15. How can we compete with that and Archie too! Glad you got the goods - enjoy! Couldn't happen to a nicer ...Dog?? Girl I meant to say - sorry Archie !

  16. Wow they are gorgeous and that is amazing pillow destiny that they ended up together! What a lovely day!

  17. Fabulous Karma. A gorgeous Pillow for a gorgeous pillow maker. Glad your week has been so probably need a little lie down with Casper the Ghost (who seems to be pretending to be a dog) x

  18. wow! Awesome score! :-) Best Archibald pics yet :-)

  19. You are so right! They look gorgeous together!
    And I finally figured out Archie's plan! He is going for world domination, right? I mean, who can resist him?

  20. ha, ha : I love the photos of Archie the walking quilt!!
    You have been really lucky with all your goodies (and winnings) - good for you!

  21. You've cashed in all round!! Gorgeous gifts from fab bloggy friends (don't you just love this online community!). Enjoy all your lovelies! Jxo

  22. Oh my, I really love the grey pillow - what a lucky girl you are!

  23. Wow what fabulous goodies, lucky lucky you

  24. Hi! What amazing and beautiful presents you got! I just love both pillows!
    Thank you for Archie's special photos! He is the best!
    xxx Teje

  25. Those are two wonderful cushions, so nice that they were sent to you!

  26. Pretty, pretty!! Gorgeous cushions and they do look great together :) Archie is adorable as always!

  27. Ooooo wow, you got some of those fab snowflakes. your tree will look super stylish, you'll just have to hang them higher than Archie! x


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