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Mini Archie’s September Furtle Around The Blogosphere

  Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something Hello! This month has been surprisingly busy (although I could have done with some of that busyness being in the garden and with the hoover/duster/mop) or perhaps surprisingly productive would be more accurate? I think part of it is the change in weather - it’s finally cooled down and I can spend time in the workroom without being mafted within a few minutes! I’ve finished the top I’d started last month: Fabric is this pink stripe from Empress Mills And finished the leftovers socks (a mix of an indie-dyed rainbow stripe and Opal navy (9930) I’d started last month; I think these might be my favourite so far.  I’ve knitted a pair for someone else’s feet Yarn is Opal Memories 11004 from The Sock Yarn Shop And immediately cast on another pair for a different someone else’s feet to knit while I caught up on three weeks of Bake Off Yarn is Opal Red (5180) I’ve also cut out my final short-sleeved tops