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Mini Archie’s December Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something Hello and Merry Christmas! I can’t quite believe it’s the final Furtle of the year already, can you?  This month, to round off what has accidentally become a year of socks, I knitted yet more of them. I finished the pair I’d started last month: Yarn is Opal Rainforest 17 (colour 11095 ‘Referee’)from  Sock Yarn Shop Made another pair: Yarn is Opal Joy (colour 9984 ‘Cheers’)from  Sock Yarn Shop And another: Yarn is Opal Schafpate (colour 7951 ‘Kim’) from  Sock Yarn Shop And another: Yarn is Opal 25 Years of Opal (colour 11047 Dancing Jubilee) And I’ve quilted three lines on ET (no picture, it looks just the same as it did last month unless you’re close enough (and care enough) to count the quilted lines), but now this year’s socks are finished, I’m going to not cast on any more   try very hard not to cast on any more   try not to cast on any more socks until ET is finished.  I was looking back through this year’s blog