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...I've remembered that Thursdays are random! I have to confess that there's not much random in my life at the moment.  Or everything is so random that I no longer notice.  One of the two. My first random thing is this: Sorry about the wobbly camera - I was at the ready from three min utes out so I got rather tired and couldn't hold the camera still!!   Yes, my new washing machine plays a tune when it's finished the cycle.  It also plays a little tune when you switch it on and another when you switch it off.  It goes rather well with my telly that plays a tune when you take it off (and another when you put it on) stand-by.  How long before the tune gets on my wick rather than making me smile?!  I'm sure I have some more random somewhere *going off to look* Ah, yes, I knew I had some! I found this saucer (it cost £2) and the old crochet hooks in a local charity shop.  I needed a saucer to put under an orchid (and I can use it

A little progress is still progress!

I think that last time I sort of promised a post within a few days...turned out I lied!  Not deliberately, of course, but it was a lie nonetheless *hanging head in shame* I have made some progress since then.  Not a lot, but progress is progress, even if it's snail-like!  (Not to sound like a squeaky wheel but I really am knackered at the moment, fortunately I'm well enough for crochet/knitting and The Big Bang Theory , but little else!) My Summersville squares went from this: Ten squares of Summersville  to this: 48 squares of Summersville and 49 squares of interfacing (I need to cut one more square of 'Town' but I'm waiting until I can lay them all out and see if I've missed any section of the design  - if not I'm going to make sure the square includes the library as that's my favourite building on the moment, anyway! ) I cut my interfacing over the course of a few days and after the first day I realised t

In the blink of an eye...

...September has gone and it's been more than a month since I last wrote a blog post - oops!   I wish I had lots of lovely projects to show you but the truth is that I've done very little since my last post as I've just been exhausted most of the time.  I have finished something though.  Yes, an actual finish!  I know you're not going to believe me until you see proof so here it is... I've added this to my project list on Ravelry if you're interested.  Okay, so it's the only project on the  list but you've got to start somewhere! Blanket stats: Pattern - Pine Forest baby blanket Stitches - 165 Repeats - 61 Yarn - six * balls Rico Baby Classic DK in tuerkis (£2.25 a ball) Size - approx. 28" x 32" Time taken - three weeks * I was only just into the sixth ball (about ten rows of garter stitch) so I could've made it longer, or just bought five balls and made it shorter, but I decided that 32" s