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Mini Archie's November Furtle Around The Blogosphere

This month seems to have been a bit of a quiet month.  Mainly because I unexpectedly had a hat and scarf to knit just as I'd nominated my #StickyProdAlong2019 project and sworn I wouldn't start anything else until it was finished. Oops! Here's the hat: I love the crown on this pattern And here's the scarf: Both are knitted with Rowan felted tweed.  The hat is the Iced Hat pattern and the scarf is based on this project  (the stitch is cartridge rib ) but I made it shorter and folded one end over to create a loop for the other end to go through (59 sts, 36.25" long, fold over 4.75").  This has helped reduce the bulk and make sure that Mam doesn't have to deal with dangling or whipping scarf ends while walking Eddie. There has been a lone LV scrappy trip block, which brings the count to 21: Sorry about the night time photo - I didn't press it until late afternoon yesterday! Quite a lot of progress on the penguin hot water b