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Mini Archie's Furtle Around The Blogosphere is a monthly blog link up for crafty chums - the link will open on the last day of each month and will be open for five days.  The idea is that it will help those of us who have neglected our blogs in recent times have a regular deadline for posting (but it is open to all crafty blogs so if you haven't neglected your blog then please join in) as well as helping foster an encouraging atmosphere to people who have recently set up/revived their blog for various wip-finishing link ups, etc.  I loved Lily's Quilts' Fresh Sewing Days and the community which built up around them, so I asked Lynne for her permission to revive it and Mini Archie's Furtle Around The Blogosphere was born. (With credit to Sheila for the name!)

You can write a post showing something you've worked on (or finished) in the preceding month, or set yourself a goal for the month ahead and then reflect back on it at the end of that month (and set yourself another goal) - really, it's up to you.

If you link up (and I hope you do!), then please visit at least two other linked posts (the link before you and the one after) and leave an encouraging comment. This way, every post will hopefully at least two comments on their post and, as we all know, leaving and receiving comments is a good way to foster a joy of blogging.

We will have a blog button (some might say they're passé, but I like them!):

Copy and paste this text into your blog post and when the post is published, the button should* appear where you put it.  (It's been quite a while since I did this and the site I used to use to create the code has disappeared, so please bear with me if there are teething troubles.  I can promise that however frustrated you are by it not working, I passed that level a while back and will do my utmost to fix it.)


<p style="text-align:center"><a href=""><img src="" alt="Archie The Wonder Dog" /></a></p>

P.S. You may be wondering what on earth a furtle is. Well, it means having a rummage, a delve, a look at the contents of something. (For example, 'Have a furtle in that cupboard and see if you can find it.')


  1. Bravo MA! I can’t do my own furtling but I can applaud yours! PS give BC a big hug please!

  2. Great idea Helen and MA! I don't have a blog at the mo' and life has been so hectic since Christmas I've had a job keeping up with IG and FB posts but I'll do my best over the next couple of months. Good luck with the furtling and big hugs from Val & Enzo x

    1. Fankoo, Aunty Val! I hopes you gets some quiet time soon so you and Enzo can start a blog - please shout if you needs a paw xxx

  3. looking forward to this. Will take me all month to add the button, but I'LL give it a go

  4. Managed to link up this time, but can’t get the button in place. Not giving up though :)


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