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FAL 2016 Hosts!

There is big news for the 2016 Finish - A - Long! For those of you who are new to the FAL, it is a place to find motivation and encouragement to complete those unfinished projects that are hanging about becoming UFOs. Every quarter you post a list of projects you hope to finish in the next three months, and then at the end of the quarter, you post a link (from your blog, Flickr or Instagram) of each successful finish from your original list. Each finish is an entry for wonderful prizes from our sponsors. The FAL has grown and grown since Rhonda - now Rhonda's Ramblings - started it in 2012 in the USA. It moved to Canada in 2013 where Leanne - She Can Quilt - hosted it, then in 2014 it was off to Scotland in the UK where Katy - The Littlest Thistle - was in charge, and in 2015 it moved to New Zealand where Adrianne - On the Windy Side - has been doing the honours. And it really has become too big for just one blogger. So the 2016 FAL is going global - a community of

FAL Finish: Lace Wrap

One of the knitted items on my  Q4 2015 FAL list  was a lace wrap.  This is how it looked when I wrote the list: It's knitted using Sublime extra fine merino (2ply) and is a free pattern ( find it here ).  I'll be honest, it was really boring to knit and I ended up forcing myself to do at least one twelve row repeat each day before I was allowed to do any other (more interesting) knitting or sewing! This is how it looked once it was off the needles but before blocking: Blocking it was also tedious - I've never blocked something that's supposed to be completely straight but has stocking stitch (and therefore curled) borders and it's not something I'm going to rush to do again.  I don't have a picture of it blocking but I ended up cobbling together a Heath Robinson-type affair with pins stuck in the carpet and crochet cotton.  Here it is after blocking: The yarn is gorgeously soft and lovely to knit with - I'd use the yarn again

FAL Finish: Hardanger Pennants

Back in July, I put this (very boring) photo on my FAL list (and again in October, on my Q4 2015 FAL list ): That was all I could show as it was a surprise make for a friend, I couldn't even show the pattern, just in case she knew I had a blog (I don't think she does but...) and stumbled across the photo!  I've failed to take a photo of the pattern (by Emie Bishop) and have since given it back to (a different) friend but you can see it here  (in case you fancy making your own). After many (many!) hours of stitching, cutting and more stitching, I have finished this project!  I managed to take some progress photos but not many, I'm afraid!  Here's what I have: I started by cutting the piece of (32 count) linen into four pieces and zigzagging round the edge of each piece (to stop fraying).  I then tacked in the vertical centre (don't think you can see it in the photos but it is pale pink) and then stitched the kloster blocks on each piece, us