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FAL 2016 Hosts!

There is big news for the 2016 Finish - A - Long!

For those of you who are new to the FAL, it is a place to find motivation and encouragement to complete those unfinished projects that are hanging about becoming UFOs. Every quarter you post a list of projects you hope to finish in the next three months, and then at the end of the quarter, you post a link (from your blog, Flickr or Instagram) of each successful finish from your original list. Each finish is an entry for wonderful prizes from our sponsors.

The FAL has grown and grown since Rhonda - now Rhonda's Ramblings - started it in 2012 in the USA. It moved to Canada in 2013 where Leanne - She Can Quilt - hosted it, then in 2014 it was off to Scotland in the UK where Katy - The Littlest Thistle - was in charge, and in 2015 it moved to New Zealand where Adrianne - On the Windy Side - has been doing the honours. And it really has become too big for just one blogger.

So the 2016 FAL is going global - a community of bloggers across the world will be jointly hosting the FAL. Our hosts will be:

There will be shared link-ups that you only need to join on one blog for your links to appear on all the hosting blogs. Otherwise, the FAL will remain mainly unchanged and we are hoping that everyone will join us.

Please link up your Q4 2015 finishes with Adrianne at On the Windy Side, from December 31, 2015 through to January 6, 2016.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

And please plan to join the 2016 FAL. The Q1 link for your proposed list of finishes will open on January 7, 2016, on all of the new community hosts.

In the meantime, you can grab the 2016 FAL button and follow along with everyone in the hosting community. 
(This will take you to the 2016 FAL page on my blog - if you want it to take you to another host's blog then please alter the code!  I use

FAL 2016

FAL 2016

For 2016, please use the hashtag #2016FAL on Instagram and other social media and follow the FAL IG account @finishalong.  (I'm not on Instagram but am on Twitter (@Archiewonderdog), feel free to tweet me!)  There's also a Facebook page

Archie is also looking forward to being a host but what he's looking forward to even more is being able to eat his hedgehog!  The vets' receptionist gave him it as a Christmas present but he isn't supposed to eat anything other than his special food, so every few days I'm using secateurs (the only thing strong enough!) to cut off a little bit.  He's being very patient but after this photo was taken and the hedgehog was back in his hidey hole, Archie searched the downstairs of the house for him!  (He didn't find him...)

So far I've had two feet and a leg - when do I get to eat his head?!

Don't forget to link up your Q4 2015 FAL finishes with Adrianne between 31st December 2015 and 6th January 2016!


  1. I think I'd like to join all of you this year! Now, when projects are chosen is it supposed to be a specific number or does each person choose according to what she thinks she can manage?

  2. I definitely need to join, with more realistic goals. I'll do a quick check, one that only needs binding, one that still needs it's borders attaching and one that still needs sashing. Perhaps three is enough.

  3. It sounds like a fun idea, but I don't have that many UFOs sitting around, so I'll just enjoy the view from the sidelines! Maybe I'll join later if I find the unfinished pile getting larger...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I'm always so impressed with people who are organised enough to join the FAL - and even more impressed with those who run it! Happy new year to you and Archie xx

  6. Yay about the finish-along!! You are such a fab cheerleader it's a perfect fit for you! But boo for poor old Archie, that's like someone doling out one slice of chocolate orange and hiding the rest! Guess what I'm eating? *noms*

  7. Yay about the finish-along!! You are such a fab cheerleader it's a perfect fit for you! But boo for poor old Archie, that's like someone doling out one slice of chocolate orange and hiding the rest! Guess what I'm eating? *noms*

  8. Happy New Year Helen and Archie.
    I'm going to give this "commitment' thing, a go! See how long it lasts!!!

  9. Happy New Year to you and Archie! I like that the Finish Along is going global ... it looks like you are going to have lots of fun with it :)

  10. Lovely seeing these blocks again, I always loved the addition of your embroidery. Can't believe they are as old as you say though.
    I might stir myself to join in the FAL again, it's been a while, but might not make the first quarter.
    And Happy New Year.xx


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