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It's Time To Link Up Your Quarter Four Finish-Along Finishes!

Hello, and welcome to the final finishes link up of the 2016 Finish-Along! We have made it to the end of the 2016 FAL (I can't believe it's come round so quickly!) and it's time to link up your Q4 finishes! As you know, the 2016 FAL is now global - a community of bloggers across the world are jointly hosting the FAL, and our hosts are: Debbie - A Quilter's Table - USA Jess - Elven Garden Quilts - Australia Stacey - SLO Studio - Canada Jennie - Clover & Violet - USA Helen - Archie the Wonder Dog - UK Nicky - Mrs. Sew and Sow -UK Cindy - Fluffy Sheep Quilting - Ireland Rhonda - Rhonda's Ramblings - USA Leanne - She Can Quilt - Canada I t's time to link up the projects on your 2016 Q4 FAL list that you finished. First, a huge thank you to our fantastic sponsors: Fluffy Sheep Quilting - �25 (25 Euro) gift certificate Green Fairy Quilts - $25 gift certificate Clover & Violet LLC - choice of 3

Penguins In The Sewing Room (And On The Coffee Table)

After I'd added the two Christmas cushions to my Q4 FAL list , I decided a table runner made from the leftovers would also be nice so added that too, as item nine.  I said that it would use strips and squares as that's what I thought I'd have left, but what I actually had left was this: I couldn't decide how best to use them and Sarah brilliantly said 'Well I want to see a long thin solids only blue sky top, darker blue sea on the bottom right, white on the bottom left as ice floor and snow hills. With that penguin far left.' I loved that idea and laid out the fabric on my coffee table straight away: All the blue is leftover from other projects and the whites are the small pieces left from the penguin cushion, along with about ten charm squares of a Bella solid (snow?), which isn't the same bright white and so provides a bit of depth.  I've decided to share all my progress photos with you so you can see how I made it.  And also because I like t