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Tig, I'm it!

I've been tigged (tagged?!) a couple of times this week so I thought I'd pick 11 out of the 22 questions Rachel and Susan have asked me... If you could live in any country in the world, which would you choose, and why? To be perfectly honest I love living in the UK so wouldn't change it!  Of course some things could be improved (no, not the weather, I'm not one to spend time in the sun.  In fact, it frequently gets far too hot for me here on the NE coast, the last thing I would want to do is live somewhere warmer!  I was mainly thinking of fabric and petrol prices!) but I have my family and many of my friends here on Teesside and I love living at the seaside! What started you sewing? My mam used to sew when I was little and I used to long to stay when we dropped her off at dressmaking/tailoring classes.  (She made my First Holy Communion dress and I was the only one with a hand made dress.  I was really proud as I thought, and still think(!), it was the nic


I'm finally linking up to Think Tank Thursday with Rebecca Lynne !  Oops, just realised it's actually Thursday Think Tank - I've been reading that wrong for months!!   And I'm not sure there is a TTT to link up to this week but it's taken me so long to have a post to link up that I'm leaving the button where it is! This week I've been thinking about a few things which, to be honest, is hard when you're as tired as I am at the moment.  I currently have the concentration span of a gnat and can't seem to keep hold of a thought long enough to actually think about it.  I tend to just notice it as it passes through my brain and say to myself 'That looks interesting, I hope it's still there when I come back.' and sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.  After writing some of this post it appears I've thought more than I realised this week (well, over several weeks, if I'm being truthful!) so you may as well make yourself a

Always read the cooking instructions...

...or you might end up feeling a bit odd.  At least I did after failing to realise that the cooking instructions for my tea on Friday night (a fish cake) were for when you were cooking from fresh and that a frozen fish cake requires an extra ten minutes in the oven!  Oops!  I spent yesterday in my jamas huddled under four quilts watching repeats of NCIS.  I feel considerably better today but if my post is lacking a bit of oomph and sparkle then please forgive me!!  And don't worry, I haven't got food poisoning, just a slightly sore tummy and no appetite!  I'll be reading instructions twice from now on!! Anyway, let's move onto more pleasant things - how about a biscornu?  (An eight-sided cushion, often used as a pincushion or scissor fob.)  There's a lovely selection of them on this site .  I'd not made one of these before so when my friend, the very talented and lovely Beryl at Knot, advertised a one day biscornu workshop at her studio I couldn't resist.