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Mini Archie’s November Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something Hello! November feels like it’s lasted sixty days rather than thirty and, upon looking in my Furtling photo album (I add photos in across the month in an attempt to remember everything and make writing this post a little easier), I find I have squeezed in a lot of knitting and sewing so perhaps it really has been twice as long as usual? I finished the scrappy socks I started last month : Isn’t it amazing how you can take small balls of left over yarn  and turn them into a pair of socks which look deliberate?!  Speaking of deliberate, the fleece backing for my Winterkist quilt  continues to be deliberately (and impressively) obstreperous but I got it pieced into the right size and shape for the top towards the end of last month and then tacked down all the seams (so they didn’t flip over during layering) and have, with the help of the same friend who’s been helping me fleece wrestle throughout this process, manag