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Mini Archie's January Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Hello!  Happy New Year!  2020.  Can you believe it?!! This month, I've made a good start on the grand sort out and tidy up of my sewing room which is my focus for the year and I've been through all my fiction books and weeded out the NotWanteds (44 of them) and rehomed them in a local charity shop.  The books which are staying have been catalogued using a web app called Libib  and will, at some point, be sorted alphabetically by author (at the moment, they're organised by author but in a random fashion depending on what I can fit on each shelf).  I've weeded ALL my scrap boxes and rehomed the NotWanteds to various quilty chums around the country.  I've been through the two boxes of destash stuff I'd accumulated since my last destash and rehomed many of the items with more chums around the country (and one chum in Australia!) and have a plan for the remaining items.  Feel free to have a look at my destash account  and see if you would like to rehome somethi