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Mini Archie's March Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Hello and welcome to March's Furtle!  I really don't know where the time goes, do you?  I'd hoped to blog at least once between Furtling posts this month, but just haven't managed it.  Maybe April will be my month... This month, I have finished a pair of socks: And I finally cut up the embroidered tablecloth that I bought in 2015 and (wait for it) made something from it! As soon as I saw the Bloem Basket by Johanna Weidner ( find the pattern here ), I knew that the tablecloth and Liberty lawn combination that I'd been intending to make a table runner with would be absolutely perfect for it, much better, in fact, than my initial idea. I made the small size and have enough to make another one that size and then lots of bits for other projects/bloem baskets. March was another month where I was confined to my sewing room for days on end (while the floor being laid in the front room), but this time I had internet access (although no telly for