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Mini Archie's March Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Hello and welcome to March's Furtle!  I really don't know where the time goes, do you?  I'd hoped to blog at least once between Furtling posts this month, but just haven't managed it.  Maybe April will be my month...

This month, I have finished a pair of socks:

And I finally cut up the embroidered tablecloth that I bought in 2015 and (wait for it) made something from it!

As soon as I saw the Bloem Basket by Johanna Weidner (find the pattern here), I knew that the tablecloth and Liberty lawn combination that I'd been intending to make a table runner with would be absolutely perfect for it, much better, in fact, than my initial idea. I made the small size and have enough to make another one that size and then lots of bits for other projects/bloem baskets.

March was another month where I was confined to my sewing room for days on end (while the floor being laid in the front room), but this time I had internet access (although no telly for just under a week) and I put my time to good use.  I (and you might want to sit down for this bit) started cutting the fabric for the nine patches to go with my Summersville blocks!  Yes!  Only three years after I finished embroidering the house squares and six and a half years after first starting the project!  The not-very-interesting picture below is all the pieces I'll need for the nine patch blocks - these will be set on point and the embroidered blocks will be set square.  I'm also going to try to get back to writing the stories for each block, with the aim that they will be finished by the time the quilt top is finished.

Each print has been paired with a plain (not the same colour as in the print) so all I have to do is fill the bobbin and start sewing - no thinking required!

I've also made another two LV scrappy trip blocks - I'm not sure how I managed that (I suspect no knitting for half the month is the answer) but I can already tell you that that won't be happening in April!

Block three:

Just in case anyone is wondering what the backs look like...

Block four (at least I think that's the right way round, this could actually be block three...):

(Spot the new floor)

And all of them so far.  This is how they'll be arranged in the quilt and it's nice to see them laid out like they've been in my head:

Another busy month!  I'm hoping to not be confined to my sewing room morning, noon and night for a week straight in April so there'll be a considerable decrease in output...

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Mini Archie has laid claim to the bloem basket as his preferred fine-weather transport...

It's luffly and cosy in here, with plenty of room for Tuna Sandwiches and Teacayks...

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Gosh Mini Archie, you're up early today! ;-)

  3. Hello mA you do look cosy and hasn't Helen done well this month despite all the renovations or maybe because of them!?? I'm so happy the stories will be starting again - Helen is so good at writing them...

  4. Happy March-End, MA & Helen!!! Thanks so much for hosting this. I'm ready to get back into blogging for fun! Love seeing all your progress this month in one place!

  5. Beautiful seasonal basket and thank you for the link.
    Hurrah for resuming you Summersville project, I look forward to seeing its new progress........and more stories, yippee.

  6. Just adore that Bloem basket, you have inspired me to try one! and so lovely to see Summersville again that was such a great fabric line. I have linked! xx

  7. You've had a busy month. Your socks are fun and I love the basket :)

  8. I have to say, your backside in quilting terms is immaculate. I wouldn't expect any different. I really love your basket, I have a bad case of basket envy! Now to link up this week.

  9. I love the basket! MA looks very snug in there. And I am in awe of your perfect piecing.

  10. What a productive month! Lovely basket and fun socks.


  11. Yippee I’ve remembered the furtle - won’t MA be impressed when I link up (still need to write the post😂😂) so love your socks Helen and MA’s new basket is fabulous !! March must have been the month for Pezzy Prints - I actually quilted my pink Pezzy top that has been waiting for years !! Proud of us both for moving very ancient WIPs along !!

  12. Looks like you and MA have had a good month. I love the bloem basket and I'm looking forward to seeing the quilts progress. Thanks for hosting ;)

  13. That Bloem basket is such a success....and those backsides!...... absolutely glorious. Well done Helen. and chief stick wielder MA!

  14. I adore those socks! and am in awe of the back of your lv block....

  15. Looks like you had another productive month; especially love MA's bloem basket. Wasn't that a fun item to put together! I'm wondering if it'll be difficult to get much inside furtling done in April what with the garden calling - your garden pics on Instagram are lovely! Thanks again for this grand way to keep in touch!

    1. I love the quilted lining and how snug a fit it gives you - such a good idea! And yes, inside furtling is taking a back seat to admiring new growth in the garden...

      Thank you for supporting the furtling!

  16. Message for MA: Your contribution to Helen's comment on my May-end Furtle post has caused me to purchase the Bloem Basket pattern. We shall see when it can be done. I may have to use some bag-making foam I have in the house since my stash supply is still in boxes in storage.

    1. Hullo, Aunty Dawn! *waves* I is verrrrry excited that the bunny and mousie and dragon chums is going to be getting a Bloem Basket as their travelling pouch! *excited face* And BC says she finks foam will be fine...

    2. Thanks so much for the encouragement, MA! *waves back* Glad for BC's feedback on the foam. I've got more fabric for 2 Bloem Baskets that will probably be added to Q3's FAL list. Happy day!!!

    3. Ohhhhh, a wave back! I luffs it when peoples wave back!! *does a jig*


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