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Catching up...As Usual!

Hello!  I'd like to start by saying thank you very much for all the lovely comments you left on my previous post about Archie.  I'll be honest, I did intend replying individually to each and every one, but I just can't do it, so please consider this your reply.  Thank you xx I've finished quite a few things, both from my  Finish-Along lists  and not (oops!), and here's a sample: Mini Archie's hexy quilt Welly socks for Moo Socks for Sarah (Moo's mam) Socks for me A tunic ( Kate Dress ) for me A crocheted wreath, started before last Christmas and abandoned when it became clear it wouldn't be finished in time! A Fair Isle jumper for Mini Archie (my first ever Fair Isle and my first ever jumper, what a project to start with!) I finished my seaside embroidery (on my FAL since Q3 2015) and made it into a pouch A Lola pouch for a friend A Lola pouch for my sister-in-law Another wreath which