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Catching up...As Usual!

Hello!  I'd like to start by saying thank you very much for all the lovely comments you left on my previous post about Archie.  I'll be honest, I did intend replying individually to each and every one, but I just can't do it, so please consider this your reply.  Thank you xx

I've finished quite a few things, both from my Finish-Along lists and not (oops!), and here's a sample:

Mini Archie's hexy quilt
Mini Archie's hexy quilt

Socks for Moo
Welly socks for Moo

Socks for Sarah
Socks for Sarah (Moo's mam)

Socks for me
Socks for me

A last-minute finish for Q3 of the #2017FAL! This is my #Katedress by @sewmesomething in a black @robertkaufman chambray pindot, bought in @johnlewisretail while on a very special day out with friends earlier in the year. As it's 145cm wide (and pricey),
A tunic (Kate Dress) for me

Can you tell that I abandoned quite a few things close to Christmas last year when I realised I wasn't going to get them finished in time? (And that I still hadn't wrapped any presents/put the tree up and it was 21st December?!) . This crochet wreath is a
A crocheted wreath, started before last Christmas and abandoned when it became clear it wouldn't be finished in time!

Mini Archie's Fair Isle jumper
A Fair Isle jumper for Mini Archie (my first ever Fair Isle and my first ever jumper, what a project to start with!)

I finished my seaside embroidery (on my FAL since Q3 2015) and made it into a pouch
A Lola pouch for a friend

A Lola pouch for my sister-in-law

Another wreath which was abandoned just before Christmas last year

Another jumper for Mini Archie (not Fair Isle this time as I needed to knit a plain jumper to test the pattern) - the tree was added with Swiss darning

And finally (drum roll, please!)... Christmas Cherry quilt is finished!!






I started this quilt four years ago (and started thinking about it at least eighteen months before that!), it's nice to have it finished!

Sorry if some these photos are blurry - I use an app which is supposed to upload photos to Flickr (for use on my blog) and Twitter whenever I post to Instagram, but it doesn't always work (read: often doesn't work) so a lot of these are screenshots taken from the web version of Instagram.  Maybe squint and see if that helps!

Mini Archie has been trying hard to step into Archie's paw prints, and you can see lots of his adventures on Instagram (I know not everyone has an account, but if you follow the link, you can see the posts, just not comment on them) and has proved to be quite a hard taskmaster:

I has awarded BC temporary custody of My Pointy Stick while she stitches down my pompom trim. It has taken four rounds of tacking to get to this point - I doesn't know what that is, but I fink it means she luffs me... #MiniArchieTheWonderDog #theadventure
I is inspecting your sewing.  So far, it is up to snuff...

I hope you've all had a good Christmas and I send best wishes for you and yours for 2018 - may it be the year you're hoping it will be.

Thanks for popping in!


  1. Hi Helen, Lovely to see all your projects, Mini Archie is cute, I love the wardrobe you are creating for him. Which is just what it should be. The teeny tiny hexies are brilliant.

  2. Good to see you back again! Lots of good work on that collection.

    Kepp her on task, mini Archie!


  3. Lovely to see you back here, Helen. Your projects are all beautiful and mini Archie is adorable. I hope you have a very happy and healthy 2018 :) xxx

  4. What a lovely selection of projects Helen, you have styled them beautifully for the photoshoot too.
    Great to see the Christmas Cherry all done, it's a beauty, I adore the crochet wreaths and your socks make me want to try and knit some.
    Good to see you back in the saddle.xx

  5. I'm so glad to see you're still making pretty things! This is my third attempt at trying to comment, as Blogger has booted me off twice before. Hopefully it'll get through this time. I have missed your posts and hope that you and Mini Archie will continue to post about what you're making. I hope you have a good New Year, both of you.

  6. I love Mini Archie (and was very touched by your prior post, what a wonderful relationship you two had)! I can see that he is on the job overseeing your projects. :)

  7. some great finishes there Helen. Of course my favourite was the MA hexie blanket. But .... what about your list for this quarter???

  8. I'm in awe of your crafts, particularly your gorgeous Christmas Cherry quilt. I started making lap quilts a while ago and I'm addicted to it now!

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  10. Haven't popped in for years (due to illness) and was sad to see you weren't posting...and to read about just thought I'd send love anyway xx (aka Nora at Home)


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