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Eighteen months and thirteen years

'Eighteen months and thirteen years of what?', you may be asking.  Well, I'll tell you!  It's exactly eighteen months since I started this blog and Archie celebrated his thirteenth (ish) birthday a couple of weeks ago.  ('Ish' because he's a rescue dog so his exact date of birth is a mystery.)  I realise that most people celebrate their bloggy birthdays at yearly intervals but I like being a little different.  Or contrary. I had planned this for last August but I was too tired to be able to promise to make the prize so I delayed it.  And delayed it.  And delayed it.  I've been counting down the days until my eighteen month bloggy birthday and decided to let Archie in on the fun (he's going to choose the winner!) to mark his birthday!  I'm so glad I started my blog (after a bit of a push from Nicky !) - I was already reading and commenting on lots of blogs (but not as many as I do now!) but there's nothing like a blog to help make you an i

Fancy a cuppa...

and a catch-up?!  I'm planning to drink at least two big cups of tea while I write this post (I've done more, and shared less, in January than I thought!) so if you fancy joining me then pull up a pew...there are biscuits, if you want one two!  (Garibaldi's at the moment, or Rich Tea if you're not a fly cemetery currant lover.)  Ready?  Then off we go... I can finally share one of my FAL objectives (item three: to finish some knitting) as it has been received by its lovely new owner and is settling in nicely! Here's the (awful!) photo I emailed to Leanne  (at the start of the quarter) of my third Umaro scarf (this time knitted in ' Stonewash '): And this is what I sent across the pond: All finished! I received a beautiful parcel from Deb, wrapped in the loveliest tissue paper I've ever seen.  Yes, of course I kept it! Not that I'm done with this knitting lark or even this pattern ( Umaro  from Brooklyn Tweed) - I've star