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I don't get to say this very often...

...and you probably need to be sitting down to read this... I've finished something!  Yes, really!  A proper, completely-and-utterly-finished finish! It gets better... It's also on my FAL list , which means that I'll have a 'ticket' in the raffle when it comes to the end of quarter two and, who knows, it could be my lucky quarter! I expect you all want to know what I've finished?  Oh, go on, then, I'll put you out of your misery: Yes, I've finished my Leaf Evolution shawl  and I'm thrilled with how it's turned out!  The yarn (Katia Jaipur, a 2 ply cotton) has been a dream to knit with and it's blocked beautifully.  Here's how the pattern looked before it was blocked: and here's how it looked after: If ever you needed convincing about the value of blocking lace knitting, I think those two photos will probably do it!  I took it off the needles about five weeks before I blocked it but kept putting it