Saturday, 30 March 2013

Could it be you?

At long last (sorry about the wait!), I've got everything sorted and can share who won my not-so-recent giveaway.

Archie loves choosing numbers and I can't decide if it's the biscuits or the showing off that he likes the most.  Who am I trying to kid?!  It's the biscuits!

He was very keen to get started:

And then it was a case of 'Archie, ready!' (just like in 'Gladiators' but with less noise from the audience!) and off he went to choose the 'tens' digit:

Yes, I have a squeaky kitchen door! 

And then (after I'd rearranged the pieces of paper) he chose the 'ones' digit:

And declared that the winner is comment number 54, Annabella!  Congratulations, Annabella!

As requested, I made this for you - I hope you like it!  (If not, shout!)

EPP pincushion
EPP pin cushion made with a selection of Japanese import fabrics.  I do wish I'd put the bear on the front, though. *sigh*

Archie really, really enjoyed the experience.  I took this photo fifteen minutes after the choosing had finished:

That was fun, can we do it again?!

I relented and let him have another go.  Here he is choosing the 'tens' digit for the second winner:

And the 'ones' digit:

Which means the second winner is comment number 9, Tina!  Congratulations, Tina!

I made this for you:

Union flag thread catcher
Union flag thread catcher, pieced and top stitched with Aurifil (50wt)

I tried to take a photo showing the scale of the pin cushion and thread catcher, the best I could manage was this:

Pin cushion and thread catcher
Pin cushion and thread catcher with a spool of Aurifil for scale.  Sort of!

I'll be back on Monday with a Fresh Sewing Day post - I haven't managed much as I've been unwell but I have managed to finish my final FAL Q1 item and I've also been spending quite a lot of time with my Summersville squares.  Oh, and buying embroidery thread!

Finally, just in case you haven't seen enough of him in the rest of the post, this is what Archie is doing right now:

It's a dog's life...

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

Friday, 1 March 2013

And that was February...

Before I start my Fresh Sewing Day post I'd like to say thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post.  I decided that there were too many comments to reply to and that, rather than wearing myself out trying to reply, I'd save the energy for making the prize!  I extended the deadline by a couple of days as I knew I wouldn't be able to organise an Archie picking session until Sunday.  If you haven't left a comment yet then why not go there now?

I've been really tired this month and that's partly because I'm still recovering from Christmas (it wipes me out and takes me until about Easter to bounce back) and partly because I went on a workshop to make a bag.  It was a fabulous day and about a fortnight after the workshop I finished my bag.   There was quite a lot of work in it (adding to the tiredness!) but I think it was worth it...

Cord bag - front
The front (royal blue cord is from Annie at The Village Haberdashery)

Cord bag - side
The side - I do love that pink zip and piping!

Cord bag - inside
The inside (Kona Pomegranate) - you can't see it but there's also a pocket in there!

It's going to be my knitting bag but I don't have any knitting on the go at the moment so I'm using it for my crochet!  I was knitting a blanket (one of a pair, for twins that are due in a few weeks) but Mam finished her blanket a couple of weeks ago (she started before me!) and didn't have any more knitting to do that she wanted to do so I offered to let her finish off mine!  Fortunately our tension was the same so she could just knit it off my circular needle (which she hates!) and onto her straight needle, and I could carry on with my hexies!  Speaking of which, they currently look like this:

Don't leave me out, I'm the important one in this photo...

I'm joining them to the 'blob' one at a time and pressing the seams regularly.  You can't see it in the photo (there's a photo of it here, if you're desperate to see it!) but I'm also tacking down some of the seams after they've been pressed because some of them are being pressed against the bulk (rather than with it) and tacking will make it easier when it comes to  preparing the top for layering and tacking.  I've done it before with seams that didn't want to play nicely and I just remove the tacking stitches as I quilt.  It means that progress is slightly slower but it'll make my life much easier in the long run!

I've added a border to my hexy cushion and fusible wadding to the back and just need to decide how to quilt it and what colour thread to use.  All ideas will be gratefully received!

Hexy cushion - a bit more progress
Marmalade hexies (from Leanne) and Kona Honey Dew (from Simply Solids)

And completed another red work picture:

Another red work picture
My, but it's boring stitching!

I also had some lovely post from Kelly:

Giveaway prize from Kelly@Jeliquilts/Chunky 09
Eek!  The pouch is even better in real life and there are lots of fabulous projects in the book!

Archie loves his new bed.  In fact, he loves it so much that I'm going to have to get him another one so that one can go in the conservatory this summer (the intended destination for it!) and the other can stay in my sewing room 'cos he's in there all the time, even when I'm not!

It's lovely and comfy (and warm) under here!

For the curious among you...the rolled up (hand) towel is for my 'non-pedal' foot - it helps keep my pelvis level when I'm using the machine and means I don't end up stiff and lopsided when I get up!  And the pedal has a bit of stick-on Velcro under it so it doesn't creep away from me!   

He managed a morning in the conservatory before the sun disappeared:

Did you realise the cushion went so well with the floor and my white coat?  No, it's a happy accident!

And he wanted to check which was his best side:

Is this side my best side?  No, don't tell me...they're both good!  I'm a handsome divil, good job I'm so nice with it...

Oh, before I forget!  Liz nominated me for a Liebster award, thanks, Liz!  It would be lovely if you would pop over and say hello to her - she makes the most wonderful things and has two gorgeous (and huge!) rescue dogs!  Regular readers with very good memories will know that I don't pass awards on (there's an explanation here) so I'm contemplating doing some more random facts - what do you think?

Thanks for popping in!  Don't forget to leave a comment (or two!) on my last post, you could be getting some happy post if Archie chooses you.  And why not pop over to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day post to see what everyone else has been up to?  Perhaps you could also visit some of the smaller blogs, like Brigitte's and Liz's, and leave them a comment?

Right, it's time I went visiting so I can catch up with all the sewing that people have been doing.  Archie will be doing his choosing on Sunday (keep your fingers crossed!) and I'll start the making on Monday...good luck!  (And wish me luck - photographing a dog to choosing a number isn't the easiest thing to accomplish, especially when you're not especially talented with a camera!)

P.S.  Why, oh why, does Blogger insist on removing the tick from the 'Open this link in a new window' box when you close a draft post?  It's driving me batty!

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