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My 2012 resolution

Thank you so much for all your tips and suggestions on how to 'keep up' (or not!) with blog posts and emails, etc.  I think part of why I was feeling so overwhelmed is because (without wishing to go on and on about it!) I'm so tired and when I'm this tired things tend to feel overwhelming quite quickly.  In order to not get to that point again I'm going to: View the list of new posts in Google Reader as a menu of things I may like to read rather than a list of things I must read before I am allowed off the computer. Give myself permission to completely skip a blog post if I'm not in the mood to read it. Give myself permission to only read one post if I have more than one unread item from that blog. Remember that I do not have to leave a comment on every post I read, particularly if I'm reading several posts from the same blog back to back. Try setting a timer so that I don't end up spending far longer than I'd planned on the computer.  And s

Breaking my 2012 blog duck...

Well, I think it's time for my first post of 2012! Sorry I've been absent for so long but I've been so exhausted that I just haven't had the energy to write a new post.  (I hope this doesn't come across as whinging, apologies if it does!)  I'm slowly catching up on the rest (and sleep) I need but I think it's going to be quite a while before I get back to where I was before Christmas.  Not to worry, this is quite usual for me.  Every Christmas leaves me absolutely shattered (even if, like this year, it was very relaxed and didn't feel overly demanding) and it usually takes me until somewhere around the end of March to get back to where I was at the beginning of December.  I just have to accept that there are things that won't get done for a while so I do the things that are important and a bit of sewing to keep me sane (usually hand sewing as I find it much less tiring than machine sewing) and everything else has to wait until I'm ready to ta