Sunday, 22 January 2012

My 2012 resolution

Thank you so much for all your tips and suggestions on how to 'keep up' (or not!) with blog posts and emails, etc.  I think part of why I was feeling so overwhelmed is because (without wishing to go on and on about it!) I'm so tired and when I'm this tired things tend to feel overwhelming quite quickly.  In order to not get to that point again I'm going to:

  1. View the list of new posts in Google Reader as a menu of things I may like to read rather than a list of things I must read before I am allowed off the computer.
  2. Give myself permission to completely skip a blog post if I'm not in the mood to read it.
  3. Give myself permission to only read one post if I have more than one unread item from that blog.
  4. Remember that I do not have to leave a comment on every post I read, particularly if I'm reading several posts from the same blog back to back.
  5. Try setting a timer so that I don't end up spending far longer than I'd planned on the computer.  And switching off the computer when my time is up - wish me luck with this one!
  6. Remind myself that I read blogs to catch up with friends and see what they are making/doing/thinking.  And I do it because it is fun and I enjoy it, not because someone is forcing me!

I'm still going to be reading all the blogs I follow, it's more about altering my attitude and feelings towards having a reader full of new items and learning what works for me.   I'll let you know if it makes a difference, I hope it makes things feel more manageable...

And, because it seems we all struggle with the whole reading/commenting/emailing lark I've added a 'like' button to the bottom of each post so that if you don't want to leave a comment but would like to let me know you enjoyed reading it you can click on that.  I love comments and don't wish to suggest that you all stop commenting (I'd get lonely!) but I thought it might make it easier.  If you don't like the idea of a like button please feel free to let me know, I can always remove it!  Thank you, Hadley, for suggesting the idea and the link to Di's blog and thank you, Di, for the post about this and the link to Geri's blog!

I think it's time for some photos, don't you?!

Here are a few more hexies that I stitched over Christmas.  I've been busy working on the secret project and, after a couple of hours of doubt yesterday afternoon (when I thought I'd been wasting my time!) I'm feeling rather fond of it again!  I'll share photos as soon I'm able but for now I'll continue to tease you!

(Six pointed small blue and white check star in a white background)
I've decided I'm going to include lots of this style in the quilt as 
I think they'll provide a nice balance for the more complex hexies.

(Pale pink and white fussy cut hexagon surrounded by grey and white trapezia)
I can't tell you how long it took me to get the pattern to match on the border, despite careful
placement of my templates.  The fabric can't be as accurately printed as it looks!
And my two favourite hexies (well, for the moment at least!)

(Star in a star hexies in yellow and white - I've reversed the placement 
of colours to make mirror twins)
This is the yellow fabric that a friend gave me - it works really well with my other 'hexy' fabrics!

And I've decided (at the last minute) to join in the Resolved to Sew 2012 party which is being hosted by the wonderful Ali at Very Berry Handmade.  If you've somehow missed all mention of this (where have you been?!) then please pop over and have a look - there are some marvellous prizes to be won!  I have one sewing resolution for this year - I don't think it will come as a surprise.  I'm resolving to spend less time on the computer and more time sewing!  Don't worry, I'm not about to disappear (you should be so lucky!) but there were days last year when I spent so much time on the computer that I didn't have any time to sew so I'm going to make a big effort to change that.  I have sewing goals for this year (finish piecing hexies and put the quilt top together, start my Christmas quilt, start and finish piecing (and possibly start quilting) the blue and white quilt for my mam and dad) but, in my mind at least, they're different from making a resolution.  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to mention here what I'd like if I win the 'Bloggers' Draw' or whether it's supposed to go in my comment on Ali's blog so just to be safe I'll put in both!  This is what I have my beady eye on...

Fat quarter bundle (4FQs)  from Kate Spain’s Terrain collection from Gone to Earth

...which will go nicely with the Terrain charm packs that are living in my kitchen cupboard (I put them there so they wouldn't tempt me before Christmas and they like living with the spare kitchen roll, plastic boxes and cake cases so much that they asked to stay there for a while longer!  And yes, they're still in the wrapper they came in!).  I'm going to use the thought of a Terrain quilt to get me through the cutting and piecing of about 1500 blue and white 2.5" squares to make a quilt for a double bed and having four FQs from the range will give me more options when I start to think about the design.

 And here's your Archie fix, taken about half an hour after we got back from our walk yesterday morning. 

(Archie curled up on his bed, looking tired)
Look, it's been a hard morning, what with all that sniffing I'm required to do 
not to mention maintaining my territory.  Off you pop and leave me in peace.
(Archie still curled up but with his back turned to the camera)
Well, if you can't take a hint or even a direct command then you can take 
photos of the back of my head...see how you like that!

(Archie looking sleepy and slightly shirty)
For the love of all things holy will you leave me alone?!  Now I know 
why those people on telly complain about having their privacy invaded
- I wonder if Lord Justice Leveson would be interested?

Time to go - I have a busy week ahead of me...more of that next time but I'll leave you with the thought that it involves a dozen children, scissors and doesn't that sound like fun?

Have a good week!

P.S.  Thanks to Rachel at mammafairysews I now have a link to my Pinterest boards over there on my side bar!  I got it from the 'about' drop down menu on Pinterest...simple when you know where to look!

P.P.S.  Random Fact Five  I once had an allergic reaction to a packet of prawn cocktail flavoured crisps!  My lips and eyes swelled up, I had an awful excema type rash on my face, felt quite awful and got sent home from work.  I was off for three days until the reaction subsided and I could see (and speak!) enough to go back!  Not much fun at the time but it didn't stop my colleagues laughing about it every time someone mentioned prawns/seafood/shellfish! 


  1. I will have to check out that like button as well, I wonder if I can have that on word press which is what I use?

  2. I like your like button! I won't feel neglected if you don't comment on every post. You need to do what's best for you. I have a couple of charm packs of Terrain waiting their turn, too. I just joined Pinterest this week. I am really enjoying it, but it is one more thing taking away from sewing time.

  3. Brilliant Post!

    I love all the ideas - I'm totally knicking that 'like' thing ...

    I either go through a massive blog reading or a massive blog writing phase. Rarely do the two coincide!

    This year I aim to be a bit better at replying to people who comment on my blog ... I just get so behind!

    I've also started adding some blogs to bloglovin, instead of my reader - which gives me a nifty little daily email.

    xx good luck with the children and sharp things!!

  4. I "liked" your post but I'll comment anyways because Archie is so darned adorable I just had to exclaim, "Archie is so darned adorable!!"

    There, I also have trouble keeping up with my reader and have found that there is a viewing slideshow under the options and you can get through them quicker and you can easily click on the post and it will open in a separate tab. I open the ones that I want to either pin or comment on and read those all at the end.

  5. Hi! I guess we all feel sometimes like that - too much on the computer and trying to leave al message to all our friends! I think 'like' button is good when we don't have time to write or are just too tired, but want to say that we were here and liked your sotry! In wordpress 'like' button shows also that small profile icon.
    Have a great week and give hugs to Archie! x Teje & Nero

  6. I need to add the pinterest button to my blog, so thanks for the links. Enjoyed your post:it makes sense to free up your time!

  7. Loves the hexies and good plan for blog reading :) I have to comment though because you have one very photogenic dog :)

  8. Good luck with everything!! I am liking your discipline!

  9. ...and that`s why you shouldn`t eat prawn cocktail crisps! Loving the Terrain and the hexies are so cute. Good luck with the blogging reading thing - I definitely want to speand less time on the computer - some days it`s just too much. Hugs to Archie.

  10. Hope your new reading plan works for you, along with your resolutions. A dozen kids scares the bejayzus out of me though, especially with sharp objects ;o)

  11. I find it hard sometimes to have balance too. I'm trying to make sure I get some sewing/knitting/stitching time each day of the week. It may only be a few minutes but I'm trying. The work week is especially difficult for me. It has definitely resulted in less computer time but that's ok. And it's ok for you too! I've been reading your blog for a while but not sure I ever commented and thought today might be a good day. Love the like button and I'm now following you on Pinterest too.

  12. Great post. I like the 'like' button idea and saw it when Di did it. Makes sense. Love your hexies. The blue star is my favourite this week. And Archie - well what can I say. As full of it as ever, and as gorgeous too!

  13. Love your hexies, especially the yellow and white ones! I love the idea of a like button but you know I won't be using it because I just have to comment on your posts :-)but it would be a fabulous idea on some other blogs...Poor Archie he does have a lot to put up with, he can come here for a holiday if he want's to, I promise I won't take many pictures..... Hugs x

  14. Such a lovely flat 6 pointed blue star, Helen. Beautiful sewing.

  15. Lovely hexies. I totally like your 'like ' button idea. I may have to nick it! Please, writing your blog should be fun not duty, I am so dead nosy I shall stalk you whenever you do post, but be gentle with yourself, I cannot wait to see what you are up to with those hexies...

  16. Oh now I want a "like" and a "pinterest" button on my blog! Hours later I'm sure I will have it all figured out! I love Archie's sweet little white face. I'd join the fabric contest - but then you would have less of a chance of I'll pass this time! Kris (and Duke)

  17. some lovely hexies, glad you've got a plan for the reading too :-)

  18. I did "like" your button, but I also wanted to leave a comment telling you how much I truly love your piecing ! Everything is so straight and tidy...nothing like mine at all!

  19. Great blog reading resolve!! I like :)
    Also going to add that button, great idea!
    Archie is wonderful as always, hope he got some peace ;)

  20. was only just going to click like but that hexy with the matched pattern....i'm in awe - beautifully done ms helen....(and no need to respond either!)

  21. I am LOVING all of your hexies!! (look at me, I'm finally back to blog reading-- yay! and commenting, too!) Cute photo sequence of Archie (and the commentary was v. funny, too). I just took a photo of my dog all curled up napping last weekend. I think the "like" button is a wonderful idea!!

  22. So glad you've made a plan to enjoy your blog reading more. :o) I love your hexies, and thanks for that Archie fix. Now I'm off to go and find you on Pinterest. :o) xo

  23. Hey chick! As always, your hexies are stunning. I particularly like the star in star ones - genius! Take it easy if you can - sounds like you'll have to be really disciplined this week! Jxo

  24. great idea about the like button , how do I add one to my blog?? Dana

  25. That is a great way to approach blogging. It's all too easy to spend way too much time sitting at the computer rather than stitching!
    Your hexes are beautiful -- the star one is fantastic!
    Those shots of Archie are fabulous.

  26. Agreed with all your ideas on blog reading - I have more to get through and actually it's the people I love most rather than anything else!

    Including you and dear Archie of course!

    Love your hexies! This quilt will be so beautiful Helen and well worth finishing! Don't stress out so much whatever you are making is a reflection of you! That is probably it's most endearing attribute! Add a few dog hairs and it will be perfect! Hehe!

  27. I love your resolutions - I so get them all! Archie is looking as adorable as ever and as usual I have managed to get a hexie fix from you! ;)

  28. Beautiful hexies, as always. Good luck with the reading plan - I culled some of the blogs I follow but they keep on keeping on!

  29. Lord Justice Leveson! Archie is too funny! I think your ideas are really good and I the like button is a great idea:)

  30. You are not alone! I could almost have written your post, LOL.. Good luck with your plan, let us know how things work out for you.
    Meanwhile, I like your button and I love your hexes.. did you draft these patterns yourself? Love the two star ones in yellow.
    Archie is as cute as ever in his pics.
    I must go see about adding the Pinterest button to my blog too ;) Thanks.
    hugs Ellyx
    who must step away from the puter and do some thread of some sort! LOL..

  31. You have such a well thought out plan...I am impressed! I love your blocks...they are perfect. As is Archie! I want to just squeeze him!

  32. Hey good for you, you have organised something that works with your life. I can't keep up with pinterest or flickr. Love the hexagon blocks and the luscious fabrics. Give that Archie a pat from me.

  33. What a great post, Helen. I love your list, I think it's totally admirable and I hope you can stitck to it for your sake, as well all that lovely fabric that's waiting to be sewn! x

  34. Oh, Archie is so cute! I love dogs. We have a little chihuahua called Rocky. I am following you from Rome, Italy. Happy New Year!

  35. i love those hexagons. where are the templates coming from?

    you are doing a great job with the piecing; it looks so precise!

  36. you're a superstar. it is hard to juggle reading/posting/sewing isn't it? love the list, love the hexies, love archie.


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