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Mini Archie’s June Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something Hello! This month has involved lots of (sock) knitting as it’s been far too hot to quilt ET and I haven’t felt like doing any dressmaking as my sewing room is still, um, a work in progress. (Just waiting for shelves to go up now and then I can move everything back in, arrange it and then, hopefully, make some serious progress on my  FAL list .) Here’s what I’ve done this month (aka as socks, socks and more socks): Yarn is Neon Flamingo by Made By Penguins Yarn is Rainbow Speckle 2020 by Made By Penguins Yarn is an unnamed speckle by Made By Penguins  (not the same speckle as the one above, this one has paler speckles) and Sasparilla by West Yorkshire Spinners   Yarn is Pinkalicious by, yes, you guessed it, Made By Penguins   (I bought some lucky dip skeins from her last year and this is one of them. I love it!) I also took some photos of the garden as it was looking particularly lovely. Then a load of rain and wind c