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Mini Archie's April Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Hello! Hasn't April been an odd month?  It's been both fast and slow to pass and the days seem to have been simultaneously (and confusingly) long and short. This month I have finished a pair of socks in this gorgeous Oxidise colourway from Fine Fish Yarns : And I've made good progress on my Summersville quilt.  This month I've ironed both of the remaining fabrics (which have been languishing in the ironing basket for, well, let's just say quite a while and leave it at that (the LV block from last month even accompanied them on the trip to the iron!)) and I've cut the first lot of 3/4" strips for the 'window frames' for the embroidered blocks and I've got them ready to sew: There was a wee bit of a panic after I realised that I didn't like my planned 1/2" finished window frames.  I discovered this before I cut the dark grey strips, but after I'd trimmed the three 'two-part* blocks' to the sizes needed to hav