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Mini Archie's April Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Hello! Hasn't April been an odd month?  It's been both fast and slow to pass and the days seem to have been simultaneously (and confusingly) long and short.

This month I have finished a pair of socks in this gorgeous Oxidise colourway from Fine Fish Yarns:

And I've made good progress on my Summersville quilt.  This month I've ironed both of the remaining fabrics (which have been languishing in the ironing basket for, well, let's just say quite a while and leave it at that (the LV block from last month even accompanied them on the trip to the iron!)) and I've cut the first lot of 3/4" strips for the 'window frames' for the embroidered blocks and I've got them ready to sew:

There was a wee bit of a panic after I realised that I didn't like my planned 1/2" finished window frames.  I discovered this before I cut the dark grey strips, but after I'd trimmed the three 'two-part* blocks' to the sizes needed to have a 1/2" strip across the middle of them. *sigh*  After a bit of thinking (and rather a lot of self recrimination), I decided to sit down and work out how big I would have trimmed them if I'd been planning on 1/4" strips and discovered that there was only a 1/8" difference between that height and the height I did trim them. So I've split that 1/8" between the top and bottom of the pieces and have offset the fabric by 1/16" from the edge of the strip. Given that the blocks are all interfaced (to give me something to fasten the embroidery threads into, to help stop any ends shadowing through, and to give the fabric some stability to cope with the embroidery), I decided that a 3/16" seam allowance would be absolutely fine. And it's not as though I have another option other than make these blocks again and I'm not doing that! You can just see how the cream fabric is set back from the grey fabric:

*When I cut out the Summersville fabric for this quilt, I didn't cut all 50 as I left three to the end so I could see if there were any buildings I hadn't embroidered which I wanted to include.  When it came to cutting the remaining pieces, I discovered that the 'Town' fabric I had left was a different dye lot and the background was a noticeably different colour. I decided that instead of using it, I would take pieces from the original length, use two pieces in each block and make them into a window with a bar across rather than a picture window. It just goes to show that you should never get rid of any of the fabric from a project until you have made all the blocks you need! (And even then, you should make sure you won't want it for binding or adding to the back or for the label!)

And that's it for this month!

I is just having a Furtle round the garden...

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  1. I love, love, LOVE that 'Oxidise' yarn colour! Cane see why it's called that, and I also see a peacock colour too, for some reason?
    But, oh cac, how I feel for you having cut the strips and then realising! That's the kind of thing I do bc I Get An Idea stuck in my head and forget to measure and check again. However, it sounds like you've come up with a creative solution, so Yay! *small Kermit flail*
    I also lightly interface fabrics I embroider, and for the same reasons; a bit of extra 'bant' is never wasted! 😉
    Huggles and *tiny feltie ear ruffles*

  2. Oh, those socks are gorgeous!!! Well done to have gotten blocks to the ironing board. Good job for figuring out how to fix your issues. I do love the hiding games, many nights my eyes are too tired to play as I am working very hard and entertaining a puppy which also gets harder the older I get. :P Thanks for hosting. Love this monthly catch-up, my friend. Huggles to all the gang. And a big eHUG for you!!!

    1. Thank you! I now have another block to encourage towards the ironing board, I wonder how long that will take?! I’m glad you’re enjoying the hiding games, it’s nice to be able to bring a bit of cheer and relaxation (although some find it more relaxing than others!) into people's lives. I hope you’re managing to get time off work at weekends and in the evenings?

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the furtle, it’s nice to catch up with chums each month, isn’t it?

    2. Yes, time off from work on weekends and nights, but it goes so fast. Work is very exciting right now with projects finishing and projects beginning. So lovely to catch up!

  3. This month has definitely been so odd indeed. Great progress on your lovely blocks, love the embroidery too

  4. love love love your socks - I often wonder if they are as soft and luxurious to wear as they look ! and so excited that Summersville is a step closer - woohoo ::) good idea to split the difference with the seams and as you say with interfacing on the blocks as well it should hold up perfectly ! hugs to the furtler in the garden too xx (and yes, we won't look too closely at the clock but I made it !!)


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