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Mini Archie's August Furtle Around The Blogosphere

  Hello! I hope you're well? This month has been a hand piecing sort of month - it's amazing how much progress you can make on something when you actually get it out of the tin and work on it, isn't it?! I've finished the block I'd almost finished in the last post, which is the last of the July blocks: And I've made my four blocks for August: And on Saturday, I finished the first of the blocks for September (yes, while it's still August!!): I've done little else (definitely no housework, although I am getting to grips with the new blogger interface (a new page a day plus a page which is updated daily will do that)), but I do have a date for the extraction of The Cupboard Of Doom (the cupboard in the sewing room which houses the stair bulkhead and which is just over a metre deep, a metre wide, and 5'4" high (the mixed measurement systems are because my sister-in-law can stand in the cupboard and her head touches the ceiling and I know how tall sh