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It's Been A While!

Hello! I have been meaning to blog for a few months now but never seem to find the energy to do it (knitting on the settee while watching telly seems more appealing than perching on a kitchen stool in a chilly kitchen and tapping away at a keyboard, somehow), but I wanted to pop in before the end of the year (just!) and say hello!  I have a wish to start blogging on a more regular basis next year (maybe once a month) but need to sort the photo thing out first: at the moment, 99% of my blog photos are hosted via Flickr (with a free account), but their rules are changing in January and so I need to find another way to host photos.  I have downloaded all my photos from Flickr and am slowly going through each one to see if it's on the blog or not.  Those not on the blog will be deleted, those on the blog will stay, and I'm hoping that the latter will bring me below the 1000 photo limit. Wish me luck! Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say (a belated) Merry Christmas and wish y