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Have you voted...

Image the Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge at Pings and Needles ?  Archie has!  Would you like to see?! I've really enjoyed following the challenge on Flickr and through some of the blogs but when it came to voting I was stumped...who to vote for?  How to choose from all the fabulous things they made?  So I decided that when it came to tricky decisions there was only one thing to do... What's that you say?  A tricky decision?  I'm the dog you need! So Archie carefully looked at all the entries.  In the interests of fairness I didn't say anything about any of them as I didn't want to sway his decision.  He looked at them all but so you don't get bored I'll just show you looking at his favourite four.... (I feel a bit bad that Archie's vote isn't going to be secret and I really hope that no one gets upset that they didn't get chosen by him but the photos are so appealing that I just had to share them!) Yes they're nice but no, I w

Some lovely presents and a bit of a catch up!

Hello! I do hope you're all well and enjoying life?  I'm still wiped out but I'm sure I'll bounce back soon so don't worry about me, I'll be fine!  In the meantime I'm doing lots of sleeping, a bit of stitching and not a lot of housework and Archie is mainly sleeping and keeping a beady eye on 'his' pavement! On Monday I had a lovely afternoon in Whitby with two friends - lots of chatting, some gorgeous scones (fruit) and cake (lemon and poppy seed - delicious!) and a teeny tiny bit of shopping.  We went to a lovely little craft shop crammed with goodies and had a whale of a time choosing ribbons and thread and I  bought somehow came home with a FQ as well.  Want to see?! £2 for 6 reels of cotton thread! I'm planning to use the Tilda stripe for the back of my crochet cushion and as it's slightly wider than usual I should have enough left to make a hexy or three... Monday was also turned out to be a present day.  Before

My winter stitching plans

I know, I'm posting twice in twenty four hours...unheard of!  (And it's probably never going to happen again!) After reading some of the summer sewing round up posts and hearing that Sarah@Fairyface Designs was planning a winter version I decided it might be just the thing for me - I love lists as they always make me feel organised and stop ideas whizzing round in my head.  I'm afraid that some of my plans are a little woolly as I usually find Christmas exhausting and as I'm going through a bit of a bad patch at the moment I have no idea how much stitching I'll be able to do.  (For those of you who are new to my blog...I have ME/CFS and am unable to work due to the condition - sewing keeps me sane (ish) but I can't do as much as I would like due to my low energy levels, etc.)   So, here's my slightly woolly and fuzzy winter stitching list (in no particular order!): 1 & 2 .  Add backs (cord?  Velvet?) to my knitted and crocheted squares to tur

Move along, nothing much to see here...

Unfortunately it's true - there has been a pitiful amount of sewing going on in ATWD Land - lots of sleeping but very little sewing!  I've had a series of exceptionally tired days where I can do little but either sleep or desperately wait for it to be time for Archie's afternoon walk...which is followed by tea and then, hurray!, bedtime!! I have been able to do a little bit of sewing and I managed to make some blocks for  Judith's and Karen's charity bees Disappearing nine patch blocks for Judith Feel free to admire my neighbour's security light!! Square in a square blocks for Karen - beginning to wish I'd made the centre squares larger... I wasn't happy with how two of the blocks turned out (1/8th too small) so I added a frame And whilst I was making them I discovered that an unpicker is indeed sharp enough to pierce flesh - my arm, to be precise!  Don't ask, I have no idea how it ended up there! I also did a job that'

I'm still here!

Just thought I'd pop in and let you all know that I'm still here! Now, before I forget, the second Christmas Gifts for Quilters post is up and Lynne is focusing on Aurifil.  I only have one reel of Aurifil (40wt - wonderful for quilting) and I'd love to own more!  Click the button to take you to the post - there's a wonderful giveaway going on over there! Another thing I mustn't forget is to show you what turned up last week.  Well, it tried to turn up but I wasn't in and the postie wouldn't squash it to death to get it in the letter box so it had to hang around at the depot for a day or so while I wondered what this mysterious parcel could be - in the end I decided it was going to be another washing powder measure or something equally mundane!  It must have been my lucky week as my name was pulled out of the hat for one of the September giveaways at Popular Patchwork and I won this... ...a big pile of dinosaur fabric!! I'm going to