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Have you voted... the Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge at Pings and Needles?  Archie has!  Would you like to see?!

I've really enjoyed following the challenge on Flickr and through some of the blogs but when it came to voting I was stumped...who to vote for?  How to choose from all the fabulous things they made?  So I decided that when it came to tricky decisions there was only one thing to do...

What's that you say?  A tricky decision?  I'm the dog you need!

So Archie carefully looked at all the entries.  In the interests of fairness I didn't say anything about any of them as I didn't want to sway his decision.  He looked at them all but so you don't get bored I'll just show you looking at his favourite four....(I feel a bit bad that Archie's vote isn't going to be secret and I really hope that no one gets upset that they didn't get chosen by him but the photos are so appealing that I just had to share them!)

Yes they're nice but no, I wouldn't look good wearing one of those...I'm a dog not a suitcase!

To carry my biscuits in?  That's a good idea - would I be able to eat them when I wanted?

I don't care how fabulous they are, you won't get me wearing those...not on your nelly...

A game that turns into a jigsaw?   Now that's a clever idea!

Once Archie had chosen his favourite four it was time for him to chose first place so I shut him in the front room while I assembled his ballot station...

I'm sorry for the two that didn't make it to the final judging round but Archie had final say so please address any complaints to him!

...and then he was allowed in.  At this point I thought he was only allowed one vote but when I went to register his vote I realised he was allowed to choose three.  Although I only have a photo of his first vote I can remember the next two he chose so no one will miss out on a vote from Archie!

So I go to my favourite one first?  And you'll get the photo as proof?

I really like this one...really, really like it, look how much my tail is wagging!

I know you said I have to consider all of them but this one is still my favourite, I think it should win!


Steady...Are you sure you've got the camera ready?


So there you go, Archie's favourite project in the Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge at Pings and Needles was....

 Sarah, Hadley and Ali - I hope you don't mind me using your photos in the mosaic, if you do please let me know!

Sarah with the tic tac toe game that is also a jigsaw

closely followed by...

Hadley with the tags to identify her children's belongings

followed by...

Ali with the booties 

Archie would like to congratulate all three of you on a job well done and he's flicking his ears and wagging his tail as a salute to your skills!

Good luck to all the entrants in the challenge - it was so hard to choose a favourite.  Thank you, Archie, for doing the honours!  You did a terrific job!

Before I go I also want to remind you that the marvellous Lynne has posted the fourth post in her Christmas Gifts for Quilters series and trust me, you really don't want to miss your chance to win this week's giveaway!  Click on the button to take you to the post and giveaway - good luck!!

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  1. LOL just love that dog - how do you get him to pose so well :)

  2. Thank you Archie - I will call off the dog-catcher! xxx

  3. He is such a star! What a good boy! Well done !

  4. What a amazing dog! I guess Jada could be doing a whole lot more around here .....

  5. Can you send Archie down to make the decision for me too, please?!

  6. Oh, Archie. Handsome AND wise...a killer combo. I think it's time for me to put Ramone and Penelope to work.

  7. ROFL! I knew I loved that little face :-) Thank you wee arches, and thanks Helen, best laugh in ages :-)

  8. He isn't called the "wonder dog" for nothin'!

    Thank you for being a sunny spot in an otherwise gloomy afternoon.

  9. What a great post, good boy, Archie!!

  10. that's very smart and discerning of you Archie! I need to go vote too... I'm not going to let Maggie cat or Tazzie pup in on the action though because Maggie would just change over to eBay to buy more cat nip, and Taz would probably vote for the same entry 3 times!

    The tic tac toe will certainly be one of my votes, I thought that was very clever, and I'll make sure to use my other votes too :)

  11. Hilarious! Well done Archie! Great choices! Jxo

  12. What an inspired post, Archie really is a star!

  13. The computer Archie pictures are hilarious!

  14. Not only cute but Computer Literate, now I know why he's a Wonder Dog! I have voted!

  15. Good grief, you are KILLING me with your cuteness, Archie!! Just when I think you cannae get any more adorable! Nice choices by the way, they may have been very similar to mine...

  16. Archie isn't called the wonder dog for nothing. Phew that was a tough job but you got the right dog for the job plus he looks good in photos.

  17. What a fantastic post Helen!! Does Archie realise what a fan club he has out here? Has the fame gone to his head yet???

  18. Totally Brilliant! Thank you Archie :)

  19. Omg, so funny! How very helpful Archie is! Aren't our pets the best?! I plan on hosting an "animal invasion" link party soon, this post would be perfect for it!

  20. Hilarious! Well done Archie, you made a very tricky job look difficult but possible!

  21. Hahahhahaaa this was great Helen! I'm so glad Archie continues to be very involved in blogland. Please do tell him that I commend his interest and dedication. ;)

  22. i laughed and laughed and laughed! so so funny! what an awesome dog!


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