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Some lovely presents and a bit of a catch up!


I do hope you're all well and enjoying life?  I'm still wiped out but I'm sure I'll bounce back soon so don't worry about me, I'll be fine!  In the meantime I'm doing lots of sleeping, a bit of stitching and not a lot of housework and Archie is mainly sleeping and keeping a beady eye on 'his' pavement!

On Monday I had a lovely afternoon in Whitby with two friends - lots of chatting, some gorgeous scones (fruit) and cake (lemon and poppy seed - delicious!) and a teeny tiny bit of shopping.  We went to a lovely little craft shop crammed with goodies and had a whale of a time choosing ribbons and thread and I bought somehow came home with a FQ as well.  Want to see?!

£2 for 6 reels of cotton thread!
I'm planning to use the Tilda stripe for the back of my crochet cushion and as it's slightly wider than usual I should have enough left to make a hexy or three...

Monday was also turned out to be a present day.  Before I went out I got a lovely parcel in the post containing this...

...which I can't wait to try.  Then later on one of the lovely friends I went to Whitby with gave me a thank you present (very naughty!)...

The chocolate buttons are almost too nice to eat!!

...yes, the chocolate is still all there, I haven't even opened the lid yet - aren't I restrained?!  And how great will that lovely yellow fabric look in my hexies?  I needed some more yellow and now I have some!!  There was also a voucher for a nail salon and I'm currently debating which treatment to have, I'm leaning towards some paraffin wax treatments as I have patches of stubbornly dry skin on my hands which even constant moisturising doesn't solve and I've been told it can help with aches and pains so it may even help with the tendonitis which would be a bonus!

Thank you ladies, I really appreciate having such wonderful friends!

And continuing my good fortune I won Tina's giveaway to celebrate 100 followers - thank you, Tina, I'm going to spend the next week or so hovering by my letterbox!!  Tina's gorgeous wedding ring quilt was recently featured on Kate Spain's blog - how fabulous is that?!!

I did say I'd been doing a little bit of sewing and it really is a little bit, I've stitched the first four blocks for my Pillow Fight cushion.  I'm quite pleased with how they look and they're a perfect hand piecing project for an evening.  What do you think?

Four down, twelve to go!
I've almost finished prepping the pieces for the remaining blocks and I'm going to spend some time this evening arranging them as I'm trying to make all the blocks different...for those of you who are as sharp-eyed as Laura@Needles, Pins and Baking Tins and are also wondering if the blocks are small or the seam allowance is large - the blocks are 3" (finished)!  I love these little blocks so much I'm considering making a version for myself using the scraps left from Going In Circles with black centres and outer triangles...but I'm not 'allowed' to think any further about it until I've ticked at least two items off my Winter Stitching list!

That's about it from me today but before I go I want to share a couple of photos of Archie who is currently curled up in his bed and is gently snoring...why is that appealing and cute in a dog and annoying in a man?!!

This is how he looked when he realised I was going to Whitby and wasn't taking him with me...

It's not fair...left alone again and not a biscuit in sight...

And I think this must be the doggy equivalent of licking the bowl after baking...

...hours of fun chasing those biscuit crumbs!

It's almost time to vote for your favourite make in the Japanese scrap bag challenge run by Sarah@Pings and Needles so go over and have a look at the fabulous things that have been made - prepare to be amazed!  If you come back in a day or two you'll be able see Archie deciding who to vote for...

Have a great day - Archie would say thank you for all your lovely comments about him but he's still fast asleep so I'll say it on his behalf!


  1. oh lovely shopping and gifts!! You are restrained I would have eaten all that chocolate straight away, even though it is very prettty! Great blocks too!

  2. We have both benefited from the kindness of friends this week - isn't it lovely.
    I really like your cushion blocks too, glad you are enjoying a little refined hand-piecing of an evening.

  3. yum I'd have finished those buttons before I got home! lol

    I still remember having fish and chips in Whitby on a school trip as a wee 8-or-so year old! I used to live not too far away.

    Good boy Archie, happy snoozing

  4. Lovely presents, Helen. And Archie is looking very adorable. Hope he's feeling well.

  5. what lovely gifts you have. And I love the fabric in those blocks

  6. Glad to see that Archie is getting better. He looks good for his age.

  7. I LOVE your wee blocks - what patience you must have! Can't wait to see the final cushion. Enjoy your bargains and gifts! You deserve them. Jxo

  8. Glad you've had some lovely time out with friends :-)

  9. Looks like you had a good day out. I hope you start to feel better soon so you have the energy to play with your new goodies.

    I like those blocks. There's something so classic about blue and white.

    And Archie looks so cute curled up and sooking :)

  10. Archie is too cute! And good thing you mentioned the size of those blocks cause I guess I'm not the only one automatically thinking of 12 inch blocks ;-) They look good.

  11. Helen I'm sorry but you will have to stop barging in on Archie's blog and find your own! LOL!

    Very fun post - I love Archie and Saffy is waving her tail to him!

    Great blocks - bit weeny and just how many are you handsewing together?? 25? Nice pressies!

  12. What a wonderful deal on thread! And such a lovely probably deserve though Helen as I imagine you are a wonderful IRL type of friend. ;) You are a great virtual one after all.

    Ah, Archie. You crack me up. Portia would get lost in a bag that size!!!

  13. Congratulations on your wins and your gifts. Love the comment about the are so right! Hugs x

  14. Hi Helen!
    I am a new follower and I want to tell you how much I like your cute Archie and your projects. And wow, your sewing room is amazing!
    Hugs, Steffi

  15. Give that dog biscuits!! Sounds like you have had a great time - ahh, time with good friends is the best.

  16. Those little 3 inch blocks are adorable, Helen. :o) And thanks for showing Archie "licking the bowl". lol He can sure curl up into a tight circle when he is sad huh? Poor Archie, left behind.. but what a wonderful day you must have had! Sounds like a great time!

  17. What a lovely day out that sounds...and those chocolate buttons....they wouldn't live long around here!

    Hope you get your energy back soon lovely x

  18. Those little blocks are wonderful! And such lovely shopping and presents!

  19. Lovely gifts and the blue squares are wonderful! I'm trying to figure out the chocolate buttons- are they hand painted? I hope your giveaway package arrives quickly!


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