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Mini Archie's September Furtle Around The Blogosphere

It's the end of September already!  I know I start each Furtle post marvelling at how quickly the month has gone, but, really, where does the year go?!!  I feel like I've been quite productive this month (on the can-be-done-while-sitting-on-the-settee front, at least), so let's see if that bears out, eh? There were socks : Yarn by Made By Penguins More socks were started and almost finished: Yarn by Made By Penguins   (You would not believe how many photos I've taken of these socks and I still can't persuade them to come out not blurry!) And then another sock was started (because it wasn't a night for grafting but it was a night for ribbing and who am I to argue when the muse of my least favourite bit of knitting a sock comes calling?): Yarn from Made By Penguins And many LV blocks were made. Five, to be precise: That poor girl seems destined to be forever parted from her head... And the unpressed block from last mo

FAL Finish: Yet More Socks, Again!

The final pair of socks on my Q3 FAL list is finished! These are knitted from 85%/15% merino/nylon yarn from Made By Penguins  called 'Solar'  and are incredibly soft - they'll be like wearing clouds on your feet, I imagine!  I bought it as part of a 'lucky dip' from  Made By Penguins  and t he offer is still available:  lucky Dip 100g merino/nylon ;   lucky Dip 20g merino/nylon  (A very good price for very good yarn, especially if you buy four 100g hanks! I'm still tempted to get another set...) This is item 17 from my  Q3 FAL list  and I'll be linking up with the  finishes party  when the time comes. One of the Wooliam gang mice on instagram ran a sunflower competition this summer and Mini Archie et al entered with enthusiasm but were let down by late sowing, late planting out, and fairly useless compost (finding peat-free compost round here is a challenge so I ended up using Lidl's and I'm not that impressed with it to be h