Tuesday, 27 September 2011

An Archie update and a peek into my sewing room

Thank you so much for all your well wishes and concern about Archie,  I passed them on and Archie waggled his ears in thanks!  He is definitely more interested in life since my last post and has renewed his interest in people walking on 'his' pavement, etc.  He's still restricted to very short walks, no stairs, etc. although he did sneak upstairs without me noticing at the weekend - he's very quiet and would make a great burglar!  I'm not sure if he's walking slightly oddly on one of his hind legs or whether I'm imagining it but I'll be sure to mention my concerns to the vet next week.

I was going to share my newly stitched hexies but then I decided to copy Nicky and show you my sewing room - it's not very big but I think I've used every nook and cranny!  I've put numbers on some of the things and labels below as I love to know what other people keep in all their boxes and drawers...

1 = my scrap boxes (or most of them, some are still waiting to be sorted!)
2 = boxes for ribbons & trim and interfacing
3 = Blue Ted (one of my first teddies - he went everywhere with me) and Barney
4 = scraps/small pieces of fusible web
5 = safety pins
6 = beads and buttons

7 = box for scraps that I've been using and need to be put away and a bag for used paper
8 = threads box and project boxes
9 = more project boxes and my cutting board behind them
10 = scraps still to be sorted - it's about a quarter full and I seem to have lost impetus!
11 = bag with all my sewing machine accessories
12 = where my stash lives (and my rotary cutter, etc.) with rulers on the top

13 = bag of tiny scraps - I take them to a local charity shop that collects rags
14 = Going in Circles - no idea where to put it at the moment!
15 = rubbish ironing board for fusible web & other messy things and a horrible draught excluder waiting for a new look
16 = lunch box with all my essential bits - unpicker, small scissors, paper scissors, pencils, pincushion, etc.
And you can just see my sewing machine under the table!

17 = quilt hiding the clothes horse
18 = Panda (my oldest toy) on the comfy chair
19 = wall of fabric postcards
20 = boxes with embroidery threads and other bits - my extension table and knee lift arm are at the side 

So, that's how it looks when I'm not working in it.  Today I've been up there making a swap item - it's due to be posted by the end of the month (that'd be in two days time then!) so I thought I'd show you what it looks like when I'm working...
Think it's time I confessed to being a fairly neat worker!
I'll show you what I was working on in my next post but here are the backs - I'm making two identical pieces...

Can you tell what it is yet?!
Some of you may be wondering what I did with Archie whilst I was sewing...if you look closely you can see him on the second photo as I've discovered a way to keep him upstairs with me without shutting him in - it's easier than a baby gate as it leaves the stairs free of bars, etc.  as it's bad enough having to carry him downstairs without negotiating a bar on the stair!  I move the lamp box before I carry Archie down but I've taken to stepping over it the rest of the time!!!  
Edited to add:  For those of you who are worried about me stepping over the boxes...I promise it's safe!  The stairs aren't directly behind the boxes as there's no turn at the top - they start to the left of the boxes where the newel post is so I'm just stepping onto another patch of landing!  I never step over them when I'm carrying Archie so you don't need to worry about me dropping him down the stairs but I promise to be careful!  Thanks for thinking about me!

Knew there was a reason I hadn't put those boxes in the loft!

In other news there is a new Brit Swap just starting up and I'm definitely joining in!  I dithered about joining the first Brit Quilt Swap but the timing wasn't right and I've regretted it ever since so I've been waiting for round two to be announced!  This time it's a cushion (pillow) swap...go here for details.  We have to make a mosaic for our partners and complete the sign up form - I've done the mosaic but I'm still thinking about what to write on my form!  I also need to put something in my profile...

I found it really hard to narrow down my choices but I hope it will give my partner an idea of what I like.
I can't get the links that came with the mosaic to appear as a link - if you know what I'm doing wrong please let me know!  It's fine in Flickr but won't work here...apologies if I've used your photo without credit, I'll do my best to add the links by hand tomorrow and update the post...  Think I've fixed it - thanks Jan!

 1. Craft buttons pillow, 2. Joseph's Coat Pillow Finalist, 3. Solids Swap, 4. The Gobstopper Quilt, 5. Rainbow Double Flying Geese Circle on White with a dash of block, 6. Bird Pillow finished front, 7. Quilt for Rhonda, 8. Fresh Lemons Spools, 9. savvy_4, 10. Colorful Crafting with Jen:  Rickie's Sashiko Pillow, 11. My lovely PTS4 from Heather, 12. YIP 365.81 :: Monday Twinkle

Although Archie wasn't best pleased to be taken upstairs while I was busy he soon made himself comfortable
So comfortable and snoring too!
I'd just knelt down to get a better angle when he suddenly realised what I was doing - you can see the shock on his face!

Please tell me you didn't just take a photo of me showing all I've got...

Hope everyone is having a lovely week full of stitching...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

An unexpected blogging break...

It feels like such a long time since I lasted posted - I think it's only been a week but it feels much longer.  I wish I'd been off having a marvellous time while I wasn't posting but unfortunately it's been full of worry.  On Friday my dad commented that Archie wasn't his usual self on his evening walk and hadn't been the night before either - I'd noticed he'd been spending a lot of time in his bed but that isn't necessarily unusual.  By Saturday morning it became clear he really wasn't right and I was lucky enough to get a vet appointment the next morning.  I got myself in a right state as Archie was so unlike his usual cheery self - taking him out for a walk on Sunday morning was awful as he lagged behind the whole way with his tail down and only perked up when I put his lead on to come home.  It was then I noticed that occasionally one of his back paws dragged on the ground and I became convinced that this was a sign his 'back end was going' and that they would put him down (have to whisper so he doesn't hear and also just typing it still upsets me).  As a special treat I let him on the settee with me but you can see he wasn't himself...

This photo makes me so sad...
In fact I got in such a state that my mum had to miss church to come with me to see the vet who was lovely with him (and me!).  He thinks it's either a bit of arthritis or that Archie has tweaked a muscle jumping and he's got to have complete rest for two and a half weeks.  He's currently on antibiotics (in case he has a spinal infection) and anti-inflammatory medicine and can't run, jump, use the stairs, jump in or out of the car or go for long walks.  He's currently allowed three very short walks a day and is being treated like a king - he's soon got used to being lifted in and out of the house and he's carried upstairs on an evening and then back down the next morning.  I've also had to disconnect my doorbell (which is on the same circuit as the downstairs lights so it's distinctly dingy of an evening!) as every time it rings he runs through the house and jumps up at the front window to 'greet' the visitor.  He's much brighter now - we went back to see the vet this morning who agreed that there's a definite improvement but that he still needs lots of rest and painkillers and we have to go back in two weeks...please keep your fingers crossed he continues to improve...

If she thinks I'm going to keep still while she takes yet more bloody photos she's got another think coming...
In classic Helen style I distracted myself from my worry and between worrying, crying and keeping busy I've exhausted myself and really need a week or so where very little happens as it's been quite an awful summer...I'm sure autumn will be better...

My stripy turquoise fabric has arrived from The Eternal Maker (yummy!) and I'm waiting for the medium grey to come back into stock at Simply Solids.  I've put the Drunkard's Path blocks back into second place as my hexy addiction is back with a vengeance!  Be warned: there are lots of photos on the way - I told you I'd distracted myself!  In the interests of honesty I should tell you that I stitched five of these about two weeks ago but I was in the grip of DP madness at the time so didn't share them!

Patterns found here - thanks Melissa! and here - thanks Joanne!

Pattern found here - thanks Lynne!
The top left hexy is based on this hexy - thanks Sheila!, the hexy on the right makes me very happy and the pattern for the bottom hexy was found here - thanks Liz!

Pale pink stripes are so hard to photograph - you may have to put your nose to the screen to see this one!
I loved this hexagon by Joanne at Possum Blossom Patch when I saw it in the Lily's Quilts Flickr group but I really thought it was going to end in tears. This is the only hexy I've contemplated trying with EPP instead but fortunately cup of tea and a break resolved our differences and hand piecing triumphed!  I love it but will I be making another one?  Not on your nelly!!

There's also been a little bit of embroidery going on (I'd run out of prepped hexies and didn't have enough light to prep any more!) - I've been working on this (on and off, very much off recently!) for a couple of months and it will eventually be a garland for my mum.

And just to prove it hasn't all been successful stitching...

I knew there was something wrong but it took me a while to realise I was making a pouch instead of a hexy!
I think that's enough for now...I also think I've proved that I'm completely incapable of writing a short post so I may as well stop feeling bad about it!

There are more hexies being prepped...

All laid out neatly waiting their turn with the iron!  Is it wrong to like your new ironing board cover so much that you're considering buying a second one for when this one needs replacing?!  And no, Mr 'I'm from the LEA' man, they're not dinner money envelopes you can see, honest!
 ...ready to join the group...

36 pieced and 5 whole...about 20% done!

...so I think I'd better go and pay them (and Archie!) some attention - it's time for a very short walk in the lashing rain!

Thanks for visiting and happy stitching!

Edited to add:  I knew there was something I'd forgotten!  Karen is requesting blocks so that she can make some bed clothes for child victims of sex trafficking in Thailand - she's going over there in November so you've got a while to make some and get them to her...please help if you can - thank you!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A DP decision...I think!

I've been playing with fabrics (and searching online/through my stash!) for what feels like weeks but is only a couple of days and I think I've made a decision  - thanks for all your opinions and suggestions on arrangements of the blocks, I've considered them all (and exchanged many emails on the subject with some unfortunate souls) and have been playing with Paint...more of that in a bit...

My initial thoughts were to use a narrow dark grey (when I looked at the grey available I soon realised I'd meant a medium grey as I think the darks are too dark for this) border around each 'square in a circle' block and then use various bright colours as a wider border on each.  I was struggling to decide between solids and tone on tones for the wider borders but decided on TOTs as I felt two solid borders would be too stark against the pattern of the blocks.  So I was left with the decision about what colours to look for and what sort of TOT I wanted - nothing too obviously patterned but nothing too mottled, nothing too 'paint factory explosion' and then my fabric orders arrived...

I'd ordered a few spots and stripes (for my hexies) from a couple of shops and while I was looking a TOT stripe in aqua caught my eye so I ordered a bit in the hope it would be suitable for my DP blocks - I love it!!  I'll show you the 'hexie only' squishy first...

These came from Fabric Inspirations (which I've never used before but will happily use again) and are (from top to bottom) Sevenberry yarn dyed tiny pink stripes, Sevenberry light pink stripes and Sevenberry medium dots in light blue - I hadn't realised they were all by Sevenberry until they arrived - they're lovely! The shop sells mainly in half metre cuts but they do have some lovely fat quarter packs of Sevenberry dots or stripes which are really good value.

My next squishy was from The Eternal maker.  It was also my first visit there and I will happily use them again too!  (And they sell fat quarters - always a bonus!)

These are (from top to bottom) MoMo Just Wing It aqua stripe, Lecien colour stripe basic collection in pink and pink egg dot stripe by Simply Baby (no longer on the website).  Aren't they all pretty?!  They're on the clothes horse as I type so I'll be able to use them when I next prep some hexies, maybe this evening!

As soon as I saw the stripe I loved it and it looks great with the City Weekend DP blocks.  I pulled some pale grey Moda Bella from my stash (left over from wonky) which I'd dismissed as too pale until Rebecca suggested using a paler grey and played around. I've had a go at mocking up a block in Paint (oh, to have EQ!  I spend enough time on the computer as it is!).  To make the comparison fair I've made two mock ups - one using the Bella grey and one using Kona medium grey, both images taken from images in online shops (as was the stripe), I do hope it's ok to do that and then show it here, if not will someone please let me know!  The stripe won't be going the way it is in the image (and the scale is off) but I think it gives enough of an idea for the moment...
Kona medium grey on the left, Bella grey on the right
I feel like the paler grey border is too dull - somehow it pulls down the vibrancy of the stripe and makes the centre look a bit, well...sickly looking!  It does the same with the more vibrant blocks but I'm not sure it's as obvious on the screen as it is in real life...

Kona medium grey on the left, Bella grey on the right - sorry, this one's a bit rough!
So, after all that (!) my decision is Kona medium grey and the stripe around all the blocks and then possibly some sashing in the same grey.  The binding will probably be the stripe if I add sashing or the grey if I don't!  All I need to do now is decide how much to order and resist the other nice things they sell - it's a good job I don't live nearer!  At some point I need to decide how to use the stripes but that can wait for a while!

Edited to add: please can someone with a Kona colour chart tell me how much darker coal is than medium grey and offer their opinion as to which one would be best?  Thanks!  I've decided on medium grey - thanks for all the help!

I hope you like/don't hate my decision but if you're reading this after about 6pm this evening it's too late, I'll have bought the fabric by now so please keep quiet!  If you're reading this afternoon and you think I'm making a huge mistake then please shout really loudly!  I really could be making a mistake - this is the first time I've shopped online for fabric to work with an existing project and I've found it much harder than shopping at my LQS.  I'm not counting the hexies fabric as I'm deliberately aiming for really scrappy on that!

My Mum bought me some flowers yesterday and I thought I'd share them...please excuse the arrangement, my skills don't extend to flowers!

Can't resist a gerbera, especially a pink one!
And Alfie and Archie had another sleep over last night (and Alfie woke me at 6am licking my arm - he obviously decided it was time for some attention - my mind was whirring with DP thoughts so I got up...which is why reading this post is possibly like following a grasshopper - all over the place!  Sorry about that!).  I took this just after I'd told them off barking at leaves blowing past the window, for about the sixth time...

"I didn't start it..."

Monday, 12 September 2011

Drunkard's Path - opinions needed please!

I've had a productive few days since I last posted...

I ordered some dot and stripe fabric on Friday evening (thanks for all your suggestions of where to look!) - I'm expecting them today * or tomorrow as I chose first class postage so I'll let you know what I got and where I got it from in my next post!  I also had a close shave with some 'Just Wing It' charm packs in the Cross Patch sale but I got an email this morning to say she'd sold out...probably best as I didn't need them, I just wanted them!!

* I'm now expecting them tomorrow - the post has just been and no squishies to be seen (yes, I did check in case they were stuck inside the letter box!)

I've also found a lovely range of dots at Laughing Hedgehog  - I haven't bought anything from them (yet!) but I know someone who has and she found their prices to be slightly better than some other shops...tempted?!

This weekend my dad went to Boots&Beer, a walking (and beer!) weekend in the Yorkshire Dales.  He and my brother go every year (I'd love to join them but there's no way I'd manage a one mile walk on the flat, never mind ten miles on hills!  One day I'll be well enough to go...don't like beer though!) and every year I bake him some banana bread to put in his bait.

It's usually richer in colour but I was using up my golden caster sugar rather than opening a new bag of soft brown sugar!
Added to that I finally (no, I'm not telling you how long it's been!) hoovered the stairs and the upstairs rooms...my nemesis - I had to stop for a rest every two stairs and I was jiggered by the end but it's done for another couple of weeks...make that four!

I've also finished piecing the Drunkard's Path blocks I showed you last time - I now have 85 little quadrants (one charm pack had 43 squares as one was oddly cut - I could still squeeze a block out of it though!).  I've been hand piecing my blocks but if you fancy machine piecing them Kerry has a marvellous tutorial.

Two of the blocks needed some TLC for a skimpy seam allowance as they'd printed on the skew - the seam allowance was just 1/8" at the narrowest point so, after a bit of thinking (no, it didn't hurt!), I decided to fix it with interfacing on both sides so that the fabric was encased and wouldn't fray out.

Too skinny!
Interfacing is 3/8ths on the wrong side so I can stitch through it and be more confident it won't come off in the wash!
And is well within the 1/4" seam on the right side so it doesn't show...

What do you all do with a scarily skinny seam allowance?  Leave it to luck?  Use some wonderful technique that didn't occur to me that I should use in the future?  Do tell!

My plan for these blocks (such as it is) is to stitch them in fours and then possibly put a double border round them - perhaps a dark grey 1/2" - 1" border and then a wider (1 1/2" - 2") border, probably in various bright colours.  A four square will make a 6" (finished) block and as I only have 21 of them (well, I think I'm going to use 20 and use the others in the corners of the final border) I need them to be bigger as I want to be able to get more than my ankles snuggled under the quilt!

Planned blocks - please shout if you spot any that could do better and I'll get the whip out!
Now, be honest, what do you think of my plan? Will two borders overwhelm the blocks?  I thought I'd use a dark grey as the inner border to create a bit of space between the centre and the outer colour - although I love this line I wouldn't normally put red and pink together so organising the blocks was tricky as I didn't want it to look like an explosion in a paint factory...perhaps that's the look I should be aiming for!.  Or should I wait until all 20 blocks are made and then worry about the next step?  If anyone has any City Weekend and a colour chart for Kona or Bella I'd be interested to know what you think would work - I haven't quite worked out how I'm going to choose but I think it will probably involve Mandy at Simply Solids!

I think that's just about it from me (hurrah!) but just a quick question...is anyone else having problems with the Google reader  button?  Mine keeps missing posts and telling me I've read them all when I know I haven't...any (simple!) ideas on how to fix it?

And for those of you who can't do without an Archie fix - how's this for relaxed?!

I hope everyone in the UK fairs OK with the wind - it'll be a miracle if I don't lose a fence or two, not to mention the roof tiles :-{

Happy stitching!

P.S.  I know it's a silly question but...once I've made my mosaic ( Big Huge Labs ) can I delete the photos from my Flickr stream or will that result bloggy disaster?!    Answered by Lynz - it's fine to delete as I'd saved the mosaic on my computer and then uploaded it...duh, of course!!  Thank you!

Edited to add:  Knew I'd forgotten something!  Rebecca has finished piecing all 400 tumbling blocks she needs for her husband's quilt - well done, Rebecca!  Please go over and give her a cheer!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Harrogate 2011 - my goodies!

As promised I'm back to show you what I bought at the show - I think I was quite restrained but that was mainly because I didn't see lots and lots that tempted me so it was very easy to stick to my budget.  One stall had a lovely range of fabrics but they were all in half metre lengths and whilst I may have bought a couple of fat quarters of ones I liked I didn't want half a metre of it - I like to get a variety of fabrics with my 'show budget'!  I'm sure they would have cut me a long quarter if I'd asked but the cutting table was very busy and time was getting short.  The other thing I noticed (and I'd be interested to find out whether other people that went felt the same) is that a lot of the stalls seemed to be offering the same fabrics and weren't very 'me'.  I went looking for stripes and dots (with permission to buy a fat quarter or two of owl fabric if I saw some) and I really struggled to find what I wanted.  It was lovely to walk round the stalls and chat to the vendors and see different things but I was struck this year by the difference between what was on the stalls and what I see online.  Having said all that I'm pleased with what I got and the prices were very reasonable - the most I paid for a FQ was £2.50 and most were under £2, I do like a good bargain!

I had exactly £1 left at the end of the day!!

The FQs are intended to add to my HAL stash, I've been wanting some smaller piecing needles for a few months and the larger cuts are 3m of grey dot for the back of my HAL quilt (£20!) and half a metre (£3) of pink, also for the HAL quilt, either the front or the back!  The blue and white stripe was the only two tone stripe I found - I think I may need to look online.  If anyone has any ideas of where to look or a line of fabric to look at I'd be very grateful - I'd prefer to buy from the UK but maybe now is the time to try buying from the US!  I have no idea how much fabric I'll need for my HAL quilt but I really think one more stripe and one more dot would do it!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my 'Going in circles' quilt.  I appreciate and treasure every one - it's so nice to know that other people like it!   If any of you are thinking of entering a quilt in a show please do - if you need a little encouragement let me know and I'll give you a shove gentle nudge!  It was noticeable that there were fewer quilts (especially bed quilts) entered than last year - if we don't enter the shows we'll lose them.  Heck, if I'm not careful I'll be marching through the streets with a placard ;o)

I know I was going to mention my thoughts on the show but that's tricky without photos.  There were lots of lovely quilts to admire (and some gorgeous miniatures - a very small category in all senses!) and exhibitions by Sandie Lush (her sweater quilts - wow!  I was lucky enough to be taught to hand quilt by her a couple of years ago and when she showed us her work the room gasped!), Frieda Oxenham (wow, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!), Maggie Davies (oh my, those Hawaiian style quilts!), Pam Bono (oh, the wonderful quilting!) and Susan Briscoe (a beautiful range of quilts and fabrics - I loved them!) as well as some great group exhibitions.  So much to see and admire! 

Just to prove that I'm doing more than hexies here is another project I have on the go - I started it towards the end of July while I was waiting for my HAL fabrics to arrive...I got two City Weekend charm packs last year in a sale and couldn't resist them but they've languished in my sewing room ever since as I couldn't decide what to use them for!  Last time you saw the squares drying on the bathroom tiles (so much easier than putting a towel on the floor and then leaping over it every few minutes!) and yesterday they went from this

Squares trimmed on two sides, ready for printing 
 to this

I'd add the link provided so you could look at them in Flickr but I can't get it to work so here's a link to the set instead!

 I used a method called Inklingo which is a method of printing the pieces on the back of the fabric - if you look closely you can see the solid cutting line and the dashed sewing line and the match points along the sewing line. 

These DP blocks will eventually join my other DP blocks to make a quilt...I'm not sure how I'm going to organise them yet but I'm keeping an eye on Susan's blog to see what she does with her Brit Bee blocks - I like the idea of sashing them - thanks Susan!

Gosh, this was going to be a short post, sorry about that!  I've finished another few hexies but I'll save them for next time - I want to get my new fabric washed and ironed so I can start using it!

I'll leave you with a photo of Archie enjoying the afternoon sun

And proof that blogging does change the way you think...early this morning (early for me, I know lots of people would have been up and about by then!) I woke and noticed the room was filled with orange light so I got up for a look.  I thought "That'd make a great photo for my blog" so I dashed downstairs for the camera, took some photos from my bedroom window and went back to sleep - how's that for dedication?!

3 minutes later the sun was up and this gorgeous sky was gone...

 I hope everyone else had such a beautiful start to the day...

P.S.  I tried again today to find a shop to sell my Wonky quilt but have had no luck - one place only takes textiles if they'll fit in a display cabinet and the other place really liked it but didn't think the people that come to her shop would be willing to pay what it was worth...next step - decent photos then try online!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Great Northern Quilt Show 2011

I had a lovely time at the quilt show in Harrogate on Sunday (and even saw Katy from I'm a ginger monkey but didn't say hello...sorry about that and "Hello, Katy, lovely to meet you!") but before I tell you about it I'll just make a couple of mentions...

Judith at Rags to Bags is holding a giveaway for River Fabrics and you could win ten fat quarters of Momo Freebird and what's more you get to choose which two bundles of five you would like (choose from brown, green or blue/orange colourways) so please pop over and leave a comment by Friday 9th September - good luck!

I'm a few days late but Rebecca has posted her weekly update on her Tumbling Blocks Challenge - she's had a tough week (one of her beloved Teacup Yorkies has gone missing) so she hasn't quite hit her target for this week but if you could pop over and encourage her I know she'll appreciate it.

Right, back to the quilt show!  I'm assuming that this notice...

...means I'm not allowed to show photos on my blog but Ferret has written a blog post about her work in the show and Susan Briscoe has a few blog posts about the show which include her quilts which were exhibited there and some quilts that were entered by people she knows.

Happily all that doesn't stop me taking and showing photos of my own quilt.  I found it difficult to decide which category to enter this into and I ended up putting it in the small wall hanging (up to 60"x60" which seems large for a 'small hanging'!) as it was that or the bed quilt category which I didn't really feel it belonged to either...unfortunately there wasn't a category for 'bright quilts that I made because I felt like it and didn't give a thought about what I'm going to do with it or which category it would belong to' but you can't have everything, can you?!!

Without further ado (drum roll please!) I present to you 'Going in circles'

The colours are a little dull in this photo (lighting not great) the colour is better here in my Flickr stream

I will confess to being a bit disappointed when I saw it as I'd spent an hour blocking it (and 48 hours keeping the dogs off it while it dried!) before I rolled and posted it and it was perfectly flat and even when I sent it and the first thing I spotted was the (ok, slight) wave on the edge.  However I soon got a grip of myself (well, it took about 45 minutes if I'm perfectly honest!) and was happy with how it looked.  You can just see the label on the lower left hand side of the quilt - I kid you not, this description took hours to write and involved a lengthy phone call to my dad (who's very good with words) to ensure it read well!

The quilt measures 56"x56".  The circles were appliqued by hand (needle turn) and the blocks were joined by machine.  I added trapunto to the circles to make them puffy (I wanted a textured look that made you want to touch the quilt and used Polydown wadding for the same reason) and then hand quilted spirals to add more texture and movement.  The spirals were quilted using brightly coloured Coats cotton (the type I use for piecing) as I wanted to see the texture of the quilting from a distance and then see the colours when I was closer to the quilt.

Some of the spirals took at least two hours to complete but I love them!

This quilt also inspired a workshop - I taught the techniques needed and they made a version of this cushion, unfortunately I don't have any photos of what they made but they were lovely!

Say hello to Panda!

It was lovely to see my quilt hanging up there - I got a bit bashful while I was stood near it and so didn't hang around!  I didn't hear any nice comments about it but neither did I hear any nasty ones and I'm already thinking about entering next year.  (Although I wasn't given an application form when I collected my quilt so maybe that's a not-so-subtle message?!)

I think that's quite enough for now (congratulations for making it this far - one day I will manage to write a short post!) so I'll leave the photos of my goodies and impressions of the show (going to be difficult without photos!) for another day.  I can't leave you without a photo of Archie, though...I love the way he arranges his legs when he's asleep and frequently looks like he's got more than two front paws...

Alfie has been to stay today and livened up breakfast by pouncing on Archie at every opportunity - this was taken during a rest period!

Archie spends most of his time on this bed (except in winter when it's far too cold out there!) and Alfie decided to see what the attraction was - I don't think he found it!  You can just see Archie's back on the bottom right of the photo - he was stretched out on the floor...

And then there's what I did before I sat down to write this post

Answers on a postcard!
Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Edited to add: Melissa at Happy Quilting is having an Aurifil giveaway - you have until 8th September to enter, good luck!
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