Tuesday, 27 September 2011

An Archie update and a peek into my sewing room

Thank you so much for all your well wishes and concern about Archie,  I passed them on and Archie waggled his ears in thanks!  He is definitely more interested in life since my last post and has renewed his interest in people walking on 'his' pavement, etc.  He's still restricted to very short walks, no stairs, etc. although he did sneak upstairs without me noticing at the weekend - he's very quiet and would make a great burglar!  I'm not sure if he's walking slightly oddly on one of his hind legs or whether I'm imagining it but I'll be sure to mention my concerns to the vet next week.

I was going to share my newly stitched hexies but then I decided to copy Nicky and show you my sewing room - it's not very big but I think I've used every nook and cranny!  I've put numbers on some of the things and labels below as I love to know what other people keep in all their boxes and drawers...

1 = my scrap boxes (or most of them, some are still waiting to be sorted!)
2 = boxes for ribbons & trim and interfacing
3 = Blue Ted (one of my first teddies - he went everywhere with me) and Barney
4 = scraps/small pieces of fusible web
5 = safety pins
6 = beads and buttons

7 = box for scraps that I've been using and need to be put away and a bag for used paper
8 = threads box and project boxes
9 = more project boxes and my cutting board behind them
10 = scraps still to be sorted - it's about a quarter full and I seem to have lost impetus!
11 = bag with all my sewing machine accessories
12 = where my stash lives (and my rotary cutter, etc.) with rulers on the top

13 = bag of tiny scraps - I take them to a local charity shop that collects rags
14 = Going in Circles - no idea where to put it at the moment!
15 = rubbish ironing board for fusible web & other messy things and a horrible draught excluder waiting for a new look
16 = lunch box with all my essential bits - unpicker, small scissors, paper scissors, pencils, pincushion, etc.
And you can just see my sewing machine under the table!

17 = quilt hiding the clothes horse
18 = Panda (my oldest toy) on the comfy chair
19 = wall of fabric postcards
20 = boxes with embroidery threads and other bits - my extension table and knee lift arm are at the side 

So, that's how it looks when I'm not working in it.  Today I've been up there making a swap item - it's due to be posted by the end of the month (that'd be in two days time then!) so I thought I'd show you what it looks like when I'm working...
Think it's time I confessed to being a fairly neat worker!
I'll show you what I was working on in my next post but here are the backs - I'm making two identical pieces...

Can you tell what it is yet?!
Some of you may be wondering what I did with Archie whilst I was sewing...if you look closely you can see him on the second photo as I've discovered a way to keep him upstairs with me without shutting him in - it's easier than a baby gate as it leaves the stairs free of bars, etc.  as it's bad enough having to carry him downstairs without negotiating a bar on the stair!  I move the lamp box before I carry Archie down but I've taken to stepping over it the rest of the time!!!  
Edited to add:  For those of you who are worried about me stepping over the boxes...I promise it's safe!  The stairs aren't directly behind the boxes as there's no turn at the top - they start to the left of the boxes where the newel post is so I'm just stepping onto another patch of landing!  I never step over them when I'm carrying Archie so you don't need to worry about me dropping him down the stairs but I promise to be careful!  Thanks for thinking about me!

Knew there was a reason I hadn't put those boxes in the loft!

In other news there is a new Brit Swap just starting up and I'm definitely joining in!  I dithered about joining the first Brit Quilt Swap but the timing wasn't right and I've regretted it ever since so I've been waiting for round two to be announced!  This time it's a cushion (pillow) swap...go here for details.  We have to make a mosaic for our partners and complete the sign up form - I've done the mosaic but I'm still thinking about what to write on my form!  I also need to put something in my profile...

I found it really hard to narrow down my choices but I hope it will give my partner an idea of what I like.
I can't get the links that came with the mosaic to appear as a link - if you know what I'm doing wrong please let me know!  It's fine in Flickr but won't work here...apologies if I've used your photo without credit, I'll do my best to add the links by hand tomorrow and update the post...  Think I've fixed it - thanks Jan!

 1. Craft buttons pillow, 2. Joseph's Coat Pillow Finalist, 3. Solids Swap, 4. The Gobstopper Quilt, 5. Rainbow Double Flying Geese Circle on White with a dash of block, 6. Bird Pillow finished front, 7. Quilt for Rhonda, 8. Fresh Lemons Spools, 9. savvy_4, 10. Colorful Crafting with Jen:  Rickie's Sashiko Pillow, 11. My lovely PTS4 from Heather, 12. YIP 365.81 :: Monday Twinkle

Although Archie wasn't best pleased to be taken upstairs while I was busy he soon made himself comfortable
So comfortable and snoring too!
I'd just knelt down to get a better angle when he suddenly realised what I was doing - you can see the shock on his face!

Please tell me you didn't just take a photo of me showing all I've got...

Hope everyone is having a lovely week full of stitching...


  1. Glad to hear Archie is feeling better! What a cutie.
    I'm hugely envious of your lovely sewing space - I'm CONVINCED I'd be better at sewing if I didn't have to use the kitchen table... ;)

  2. Nice to see Archie not so comatose.
    Loved snooping into your sewing space. Is that a Bernina? What do you think of your machine? Your neatness is admirable and envyworthy.

    I have a "dinudio"....dining table studio.

  3. Archie looks so cute!!! Give him a big hug from me!!

    Love your sewing space!! You are so organized.

  4. Love this post Helen! :) You ARE neat when you work.. and what a great sewing room, so colorful and cheery! Is your mystery project a giraffe? Hmm. I have the same as Salley.. a "dinudio". haha Give Archie a big wet kiss from Buster, k? :)

  5. Well after seeing your sewing space I can officially say I will never show mine! How do you keep it so neat and tidy, I tidy mine up then start sewing, I end up with stuff all over the place again and it looks like I have never tidied it !! Glad Archie is improving. Linda x

  6. Tried to comment before but my computer lost its internet connnection. Attempt number two -

    Great sewing room and I am dead jealous! Now I am going to go all worried mother type person on you - Do not step over those boxes to get up and down the stairs!! That's an order. If you hurt yourself who is going to carry Archie?!

  7. Yup, agree with susan - stop climbing over boxes at the top of the stairs! (you might drop archie...) lol Glad he's feeling better, and glad you're in on the pillow fight too!

  8. Thanks for the update on Archie. He's so cute and he knows it, right? If you hadn't posted the 5th pic I would not have believed for a second that this is a sewing room ;-) t looks awesome. Thanks for the tour! I would love to have a sewing room with a huge cutting table. I don't even have a "dinudio" (great word!)

  9. Love your sewing room! I don't have one so now I have sewing room envy! I also covert your comfy chair I could do with one like that in my sitting room. Also as the others have said do not climb over the boxes at the top of the stairs - it's not good Health and safety! :-)

    If I put a mosaic into a blog post I think I ususally go into the flickr version where you put comments and copy the html bit and paste it into the html section of the blog post - not the compose bit but the tab next to it that says HTML then you get all the clickable credits.

  10. Sewing room envy is right - it's gorgeous! Did you tidy up for us????

  11. Great post H! I wish my sewing room was as tidy and organised as yours. It's lovely! Glad Archie continues to improve - watch yourself navigating those stairs with dog in arms! Jxo

  12. Helen I know we don't share the same favorite color scheme (the great brown/beige discussion) but as I've said before and I'll say again - I LOVE your color choices! Your mosaic is amazing...I love all the spots of cheerful color amongst the white. Gorgeous.

    As for your sewing room. First, I wish I lived closer so that I could curl up in the comfy chair and knit while you sew. Secondly, you put me to shame, I want to run to my sewing room right now and put it to rights! Everything looks like an eruption in my studio!!! I'd love to have a beautiful wall with inspiration like yours, very calming and beautiful. Extremely Grounding.

  13. Yeah for Archie!

    Love your space...especially the way you've hung photos.

    Perhaps I will make a virtual tour of my space as well.

  14. I thought he was asking us if we were impressed?

    You have named and shamed me Helen - I felt bad posting my messy room but now I know how other people work I feel doubly embarrassed! Hehe Not enough that I'm going to tidy it up though! I just won't show it again!

    Great mosaic - I just copied and pasted the links into my post!

  15. Cute pictures of Archie! That sewing room is like me DREAM room. I love that you took the time to point out so many things to us! Lovely space and so well laid out :)

  16. ha ha love that picture of Archie!! glad to hear that he is doing better

  17. ok, I'm heading over to see Nicky's sewing room to see if I feel better! lol I can never be this tidy! Anywhere, anytime! Glad archie seems to be doing better :) And stern mummy voice 'do not step over the boxes!' got it! stern mummy voice over :)

  18. OMG what a really tidy and organised dewing room you have. Archie is beaautiful glad to hear he's feeling better.

  19. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space and where you store everything. While I have my own craft room, it's still a shared space as a guest room/our wardrobe/house storage. It's also got some pretty ugly fixed-in-place furniture that is a real pain. Mine is usually pretty tidy, otherwise it drives me crazy! Don't know if I can be brave like you and show it though and now I need something pretty on my wall too.

  20. So glad to hear Archie's feeling better! I'm very envious of your lovely sewing room - I'm going to have to wait til one of the kids leaves home before I get one, so I will be waiting quite a while!
    R x

  21. it's so beautifully neat - I love it! I have a corner of the kitchen and dream of having a sewing room . . . maybe one day!

    Pomona x

  22. I'm so glad Archie is improving -- hope that you get a clean bill of health for him from the vet at the next visit.
    Your studio is amazing! It must be an absolute delight to have that room in which to create!

  23. Your sewing space is soooooooooooo organised. It's amazing. I aspire to being that orderly. I'm so impressed. I'm very happy to see Archie seems to be getting better :)

  24. Fantastically tidy shelves, I'm so impressed! Archie's looking fab! My friend Kate checked out your Blog and she has fallen in love with Archie and Alfie (of course).

  25. What a beautiful sewing room, thanks for sharing! I hope Archie will be okay, I'm a new follower.
    Quilting by the River

  26. Wow you lucky thing, what a room and so organised, Archie looks lovely, a true wonder dog.

  27. Why doesn't my sewing room look like that?! Yours inspires me to sew, sew, sew!

  28. Thanks Rebecca, I do love my sewing room ! I'm afraid I can't reply by email as you don't have a public profile so I hope you see this at some point...thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment!


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