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Drunkard's Path - opinions needed please!

I've had a productive few days since I last posted...

I ordered some dot and stripe fabric on Friday evening (thanks for all your suggestions of where to look!) - I'm expecting them today * or tomorrow as I chose first class postage so I'll let you know what I got and where I got it from in my next post!  I also had a close shave with some 'Just Wing It' charm packs in the Cross Patch sale but I got an email this morning to say she'd sold out...probably best as I didn't need them, I just wanted them!!

* I'm now expecting them tomorrow - the post has just been and no squishies to be seen (yes, I did check in case they were stuck inside the letter box!)

I've also found a lovely range of dots at Laughing Hedgehog  - I haven't bought anything from them (yet!) but I know someone who has and she found their prices to be slightly better than some other shops...tempted?!

This weekend my dad went to Boots&Beer, a walking (and beer!) weekend in the Yorkshire Dales.  He and my brother go every year (I'd love to join them but there's no way I'd manage a one mile walk on the flat, never mind ten miles on hills!  One day I'll be well enough to go...don't like beer though!) and every year I bake him some banana bread to put in his bait.

It's usually richer in colour but I was using up my golden caster sugar rather than opening a new bag of soft brown sugar!
Added to that I finally (no, I'm not telling you how long it's been!) hoovered the stairs and the upstairs nemesis - I had to stop for a rest every two stairs and I was jiggered by the end but it's done for another couple of weeks...make that four!

I've also finished piecing the Drunkard's Path blocks I showed you last time - I now have 85 little quadrants (one charm pack had 43 squares as one was oddly cut - I could still squeeze a block out of it though!).  I've been hand piecing my blocks but if you fancy machine piecing them Kerry has a marvellous tutorial.

Two of the blocks needed some TLC for a skimpy seam allowance as they'd printed on the skew - the seam allowance was just 1/8" at the narrowest point so, after a bit of thinking (no, it didn't hurt!), I decided to fix it with interfacing on both sides so that the fabric was encased and wouldn't fray out.

Too skinny!
Interfacing is 3/8ths on the wrong side so I can stitch through it and be more confident it won't come off in the wash!
And is well within the 1/4" seam on the right side so it doesn't show...

What do you all do with a scarily skinny seam allowance?  Leave it to luck?  Use some wonderful technique that didn't occur to me that I should use in the future?  Do tell!

My plan for these blocks (such as it is) is to stitch them in fours and then possibly put a double border round them - perhaps a dark grey 1/2" - 1" border and then a wider (1 1/2" - 2") border, probably in various bright colours.  A four square will make a 6" (finished) block and as I only have 21 of them (well, I think I'm going to use 20 and use the others in the corners of the final border) I need them to be bigger as I want to be able to get more than my ankles snuggled under the quilt!

Planned blocks - please shout if you spot any that could do better and I'll get the whip out!
Now, be honest, what do you think of my plan? Will two borders overwhelm the blocks?  I thought I'd use a dark grey as the inner border to create a bit of space between the centre and the outer colour - although I love this line I wouldn't normally put red and pink together so organising the blocks was tricky as I didn't want it to look like an explosion in a paint factory...perhaps that's the look I should be aiming for!.  Or should I wait until all 20 blocks are made and then worry about the next step?  If anyone has any City Weekend and a colour chart for Kona or Bella I'd be interested to know what you think would work - I haven't quite worked out how I'm going to choose but I think it will probably involve Mandy at Simply Solids!

I think that's just about it from me (hurrah!) but just a quick anyone else having problems with the Google reader  button?  Mine keeps missing posts and telling me I've read them all when I know I haven't...any (simple!) ideas on how to fix it?

And for those of you who can't do without an Archie fix - how's this for relaxed?!

I hope everyone in the UK fairs OK with the wind - it'll be a miracle if I don't lose a fence or two, not to mention the roof tiles :-{

Happy stitching!

P.S.  I know it's a silly question but...once I've made my mosaic ( Big Huge Labs ) can I delete the photos from my Flickr stream or will that result bloggy disaster?!    Answered by Lynz - it's fine to delete as I'd saved the mosaic on my computer and then uploaded it...duh, of course!!  Thank you!

Edited to add:  Knew I'd forgotten something!  Rebecca has finished piecing all 400 tumbling blocks she needs for her husband's quilt - well done, Rebecca!  Please go over and give her a cheer!


  1. A beautiful quilt - and a lovely furry friend! It is pretty windy here too - too windy to hang the washing out.

    Pomona x

  2. In reverse order.

    I've deleted Flickr pics and had my bighugelabs mosaics fine but I save them to my PC and then upload them seperately. I don't know if this is the only way to do things and you've maybe done it differently.

    My google reader has been RUBBISH for the past few weeks. I can't delete any blogs I've read! So my list is now mahoosiv.

    I think a skinny border will give some really nice unity on your, quite frankly, BEAUTIFUL blocks. Just not too dark and it'll look amazing. I'm quite jealous!!

    And I'd be staying at home with that gorgeous loaf! Let them have their crazy man-walks. *g*

  3. Lovely quilt just as it is . If it was me not sure I would even add a border. Don't know the answers to any of your other questions!

  4. These little DP blocks are really pretty - can I just ask, have you considered any different layout? You can get a huge variety of effects - I have a layout selection I can eail if you are interested.
    Can't help with the techie stuff, I sometimes wonder how I got this far.

  5. I just want to lay down next to Archie and give him a big that dog. I had the same problem with my Next button, kept telling me I had read them so I switched back to Google Reader. Heard there was a Hurricane heading towards the UK...stay safe. Linda

  6. These are great! I like your idea of 2 borders, especially the scrappy one, but I think you're right to put a solid inbetween first. Jxo

  7. Your blocks are beautiful. I think your idea of adding a dark border is fantastic. It will create a dimensional feel to the quilt. In my head I see a colorful peg and hammer toy that my boys used to have.

    Archie is a luv! Tell me he is quiet too! My big beautiful doggie friends believe they have to notify the world that they are protecting me. It is kind of funny...they only bark like mad men when the men in my home are not home.

  8. I've been using interfacing on scant seams too. The only problem is trying to iron it on when it's so small! I'm not the best with fiddly things.

  9. Your little blocks are oh so pretty, and I think your plans for them are great! Good luck.
    ps I know exactly how you feel about the hoovering, its my least favourite thing cos it just makes me soooo tired. x

  10. Thanks for the cheers! I have had a few visitors already. So...thinking seriously about these blocks. I love the idea of two borders, very cool. I just wonder if dark gray is the way to go. I am trying to envision...I suppose I have Kona Charcoal stuck in my head and that is Too Dark...Give me a sec...Okay just checked what about Kona Medium Gray. Or, and this is just me because I am into these neutrals right now, have you thought about using Bone or Ash? It would really fall to the back and allow these to pop with a color as light as one of those...and yet still not be stark like white. Hmmm...I want to do a computer diagram now. Helen now you've got me going!!!

  11. Oooo the drunkards path looks amazing, I am in awe of people who can turn out so many fab blocks so quickly! I think a medium grey or a natural linen would be good for sashing and I like the idea of double sashing...although I'd probably pick white for the second colour so as not to lose the fab colours in the blocks...although, Helen, having seen your other quilts, whatever you do will be FABULOUS! so trust your gut :) x

  12. I've never had a problem with scant seams...just give a little test tug..should be good...

  13. I think a dark narrow inner border would frame each blog really well. And you know who has the explosion in the paint factory for her DP blocks. Yours are lovely.

  14. Archie, you great big lazy canine...I know you mutts are COLOUR this your final placement???
    Tell Helen it is reading too orange across the top.

    And as for borders on these gorgeous blocks think outside the square...(sorry)...Go all out with a thin Art Gallery Pure Elements Empire Yellow (from Pink Chalk Fabrics) and then a wider aqua like you've used. Kona's nearest to Emp Yell is Cactus but its totally dreary compared to the Art G. Kona Robin Egg is quite nice,for the wider border,... then a binding of your Jacaranda bluish colour already used.

  15. Helen - wondered what all the DP madness is about but you and Susan may just have converted me! Love that scrappy look!

    Me I love a skinny accent border - can you mock it up! What about dark blue or deep yellow?

  16. mmmmm banana bread!
    I like the idea of the dark border and they look great :)

  17. These are lovely, you seem to have put them together really quickly, looking forward to seeing what you do with them

  18. i love your drunkards path blocks. they are all lovely. i can't weigh in on the border, though. i would never sign myself up for a project like that because it looks like a lot of work :) so, the opinions from your other commenters will have to do :)

  19. Found your blog via my sister's blog at "itlookslikeitneedsstitches" and I am going to be a follower. My wife and I are dog lovers and, while I may not be a sewing fan, I am excited to follow the antics of Archie the wonder dog. :)


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